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Christmas Gift Guide For The Girls

Friday, December 02, 2016

It's December! That means Christmas is well on the way! I don't think you know how excited I am! I have my tree up, I have been shopping, wrapping and eating! I thought today I would do a little gift guide for the girls. I think girls are the best to buy for, I find guys like such strange things.. then again I like 20845 brushes for my face BUT still, we are easier! I have picked out some bits that I really love. Around this time of the year you do go blank when you hit the shops! You forget about all the amazing things and then you start getting stressed. Been there done it! On with the guide!

First on the list is the Impulse Irresistible gift set costing £8.40. This contains three of the best smelling sprays in the shops. They are all full sized and come in a beautiful box with a small black clutch bag which will fit your phone in. You get Tease, True Love and my all time favourite Why Not by Charlie XCX. They all smell amazing and last ages. I think this would make a brilliant stocking filler for the teen in your life!

Next on the list is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I don't think a Christmas list would be complete without these. They are just amazing and so worth the price of only £5.50! They come in a range of shades from red, pink, nude, purple! The pigment is stunning, the lasting power is amazing and they will suit anyone. A few of these would make a lovely gift!

It's cold now and it's going to be for a lot longer. Something I always find to be a lovely gift for your mum or nan is hand cream. My love at the moment has been the Hand Chemistry HA3 £4.66. It locks in moisture, targets dryness under the top layers of skin and smells amazing. It's also the perfect size for the handbag!

For the beauty lover out there I think the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette would make a gift of dreams! There is now doubt in my mind that this is the best highlighter on the high street. It's only £9.99 and comes with four amazing shades, each for an area on the face. The pigment is stunning, the lasting power is amazing and it doesn't look like a £10 palette!

Something that is a little random but I think would make a great gift is an electric toothbrush! It's so important that we take care of our teeth and some people may find spending over £30 on a toothbrush is a waste of money. I am loving my Oral B 4000 it makes my mouth feel super clean and it makes me brush for the right amount of time! I love the idea of getting someone something they might not think of and that would be helping them care for themselves! The prices to change from where you go so I suggest you have a look about, I got mine for £40 from £100!

Slippers are always a winner. I promise if you get someone slippers the first thing they will do is put their hand in them and then rub them on their face! Primark have so many amazing pairs at the moment! I got these Bambi ones for only £4! They are so soft and really comfy! These would make a lovely stocking filler for anyone and by the evening, they will be on their feet!

Skincare obsessive in the family? Something to use to have a pamper is a great gift! Nip+Fab is always a winner! Not only do they have a massive range but the price is brilliant! I have tried so much from the brand and I have loved everything! With the new year coming us girls always want to better something, why not it be your skincare? The Glycolic Fix Scrub cosing £4.97 is just amazing! Brushing away dead skin from the face, cleansing pores and leaving skin bright and refreshed!

Lastly it has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade! Eyebrows are a massive thing and this little beauty is a must have in your collection so why not get if for a loved one? I have given this as a gift before and they loved it so much! By far the best product for your brows with it's lasting power, pigment and ease of use! A cult beauty product as a Christmas present is always a winner and it's only £15!

Well that is my gift guide! I hope you got some inspiration and ideas! I have done quite a lot of shopping but I need to get so much more, time to brave the shops! I can't wait to get some lovely bits for everyone. This has to be my most loved time of the year! I feel so festive and excited! I have just watched Zoella's Vlogmas and I am more in the mood than ever! Good luck shopping guys!

What have you got friends and family for Christmas?
What is on your wish list?
Let me know down below!

I Took A Break From The Internet & Why You Should

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hello, hello! As I write this I'm sipping coffee at my table with one of my guinea pigs sat on my lap. It's Florence and she's got herself snuggled into my top. It's going to take me a while to write this, she is just too cute not to keep looking at! It's also going to be a long one! I like to ramble! I've been missing a little online. I took it upon myself to have a little break. I didn't want to but I knew it was needed. Being young in this time social media is huge, we are on it all the time posting, chatting and comparing. I think the fact I run this blog makes all of that a bigger thing. I'm not complaining, I adore running my blog and I am honestly so grateful to all my readers and the brands that have read and worked with me! Sometimes a break from something can change something in you. A switch goes off, one goes on, that kind of thing. I thought having some time away from everything would be a good idea, and I was also dealing with a few things at the time. When you stop looking online at Instagram and Twitter and Facebook you feel so out of touch. You don't know what is going on, what new things are out, what is she up to. You feel anxious, alone. It's quite sad really! We are so obsessed with that Instagram photo, that funny tweet or that killer blog post that sent you into meltdown trying to take a flat lay on the sofa! I took a break and I liked it.

I didn't even read any blogs, it's not that I have gone off them or that I didn't want to. I just wanted to have space with myself and life at home, the now, the real not the written. I thought I would lose it, I thought I would snap and write a post and stalk Instagram. The truth is I did post, I had one ready for this and I did post on Instagram, for me. I posted and I left it, nothing more. I did it in the comfort of a bubble bath, with a can of coke zero and a brand new magazine. I didn't tweet about the bath, let alone take a photo of the bath. I lit a candle because it felt right too, not because it's the thing to do. I relaxed, I felt calm. After topping the bath up countless times I got out, bleached my hair blue and told no one. It was strange, I always write a tweet about my hair and also about how screwed it was. Tim was the only one I told. It was a secret to everyone else. I bought myself a really beautiful cake and before I knew it I was eating it. I didn't take a photo and do you know how amazing that was?! I had my cake and I ate it. No prating about trying to find the light, no moving things around or "let me just get". I put it on a plate and I ate it on the way to the sofa. I loved it. It was the best cake I had because it was for me, not the internet to look at!

I found myself less stressed. I'm normally worrying about light for photos and that pile of PR items sat there for dead line. I worry that I have nothing to take photos of for Instagram and are my posts boring. I had none of that. I planned meals, I went to a crystal shop, I learnt my tarot cards and I burned candles. I made and ate homemade apple crumble. I was mindful and I didn't need an app to help me. I watched Stranger Things back to back snuggled under a blanket with a warm drink with no worry about what was going on online. I slept better and got up earlier since I wasn't on my phone right before bed scrolling feeds or editing photos. I did things for me and it felt so good! 

I think we have lost ourselves, some of you may agree some of you might not and that is okay. For me I found something in me that is a home girl, who likes to cook and bake. Who likes cleaning the flat and sitting with a coffee reading, planning and staring out the window. I like a random trip that only me and Tim know about. I'm not giving up blogging, I never will but what I got out of my little break is having me time away from the internet is the best self-help out there. Once a week or at the weekend just switch off, literally! I want to make memories, I want to take photos of them and print them off, put them in a beautiful album and keep it till I'm old. I want to be around the ones I love, eat, drink and be happy. I'm still going to buy random things for Instagram but I also want to buy things just for me. I want to buy makeup just for me and skincare that only I know I have. 

Just being in the now does wonders for you. I promise! Go out for dinner with your loved ones and just eat! Wear amazing clothes and get someone to take a photo for you, not online! Have a bubble bath with a book or your own thoughts. Plan Christmas and keep everything a secret till the big day. Paint your nails for you, not that photo. Snuggle up and play a game all night, no phones or tv just you and your loved ones. Go out without the phone. Above all else, just be in the moment! Even if it's once a week! 

Do you think you need a break?
Do you have a set day without the internet?
What do you think of the idea?
Let me know down below!

The Colder Months Beauty Kit

Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's cold and that makes me happy! This summer has been a nightmare from not being able to have the windows open (long story) to having a month long cold! I'm glad its Autumn and I'm so excited for all the seasonal things! The only problem is the little things that come with it, dry skin, cracked lips, frizzy hair, you know what I mean! Today I thought I would share a list with you of all the products and that help me out over the colder months!

Happiness Boutique Review* and Outfit Of The Day

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Accessories make any look better, I have always thought that. A funky ring, loads of bracelets and a statement necklace . No matter what you are wearing you can really change it with what you put with it! I was lucky enough to get to pick out something from Happiness Boutique, an online store that offers everything from ear cuffs, rose gold everything, statement and delicate collections and my favourite, chokers!

Neal's Yard Deliciously Ella Review*

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hello, hello! I hope you are well on this fine cold day? Today Im here with a very exciting review. I guess most of you know who Deliciously Ella is! If you don't she is a blogger and author all about healthy eating. She has written some of the most amazing books. Plant based, dairy and gluten free recipes to help you become a healthier you! She recently collaborated with Neal's Yard Remedies. A brand that focuses on the natural and organic range, aiming to not use any of the bad stuff!