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Brand Focus Natural Collection #2*

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello loves! Hope you are all doing well? Today I'm back with another brand focus: Natural Collection. This brand is by Boots and everything is only £1.99! They have a massive range of things including eyeshadow, lipsticks and now brow products! You can read my last post here. These four products are aimed at the Festival Look! In the box this time I got a mascara, lip gloss and concealer. 

In the summer I always opt for a brighter nail, being someone who lives in black and dark purples I like to pop a bright shade on once the sun is shining! The shade hibiscus is perfect! For only £1.99 you get the perfect summer shade! It's a stunning pink with a lovely pigment. Two coats is enough on the nails and toes! The lasting power is really good, I went three days without it chipping and in my opinion that is amazing because I have used other brands and they have lasted a day..

In the hot weather I do tend to use a lighter foundation so my skin isn't as clogged and for extra coverage I always turn to concealer. The Natural Collection concealer in the shade light does the trick perfectly! It's not heavy at all, very light in texture but with the full on cover up power! I like to use this around my nose, under my eyes and on any spots I might have. It instantly covers blemishes leaving no red in sight! It lasts for hours, you will need a touch up by about 4pm but that is no issue with this. This is in the stick form so you just pop some onto the skin and blend out with a brush or finger!

One thing us girls need in the summer is waterproof mascara. With going to the pool, in the sea and laughing till we cry! This mascara does what it says on the pot. On use it glides over lashes, making them long and full of volume, two coats and there is no clump so you can keep applying till you get the look you want. I left it on while in the shower and it didn't budge! I didn't need to touch up or wipe anything off! This is so perfect to have for when you go away this year, for only £1.99 you will have lashes that will stay put no matter what you are doing!

Dry lips in the summer is a no no. Not only are they painful but they look awful with matte lips, sigh! Keeping them nice in the summer is their own routine, such as scrubbing and keeping them full of moisture. While your looking after your lips why not add a light colour? Natural Collection have a full range of tinted lip moisturizers which are lovely! They feel amazing on, lips instantly they feel soft and cared for! Caribbean Crush is a light pink shade, it's not full on colour but it's there and you can see it! You can also use this over a lipstick to create a more glossy look! 

Have you tried anything from this brand?
What are your festival go to products?
Let me know down below!

This post contains PR items I have been sent. As always all opinions are my own*

Living In The Moment - Anxiety

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I have always been very open and honest on my blog about my mental health. I suffer from a few issues and Anxiety an Depression are some of them. Since I can remember I have had problems and in turn missed out on a lot. I mean a lot. I didn't start sleeping over peoples houses till I was 14 and even then I didn't enjoy myself that much as I was so worried. I didn't do the whole clubbing thing or go on group holidays. I didn't go to hardly any birthday parties and stopped having my own. I let my worry and panic stop me doing things that I wanted to do and loved all because a voice in my head told me I couldn't. I'm awful at arranging things now because my head will work me up for weeks and then I wont do it! Missing out on a lot does get me down, why wouldn't it? I'm slowly learning now that the thought is a lot worse than what it is. This year I went on my first trip abroad to Prague. I was terrified. Flying, different country, langue, the list goes on! I was in a panic when we booked it two months in advance and I worked myself up everyday. No matter what I was doing I was getting anxiety. "What if I'm sick on the plane" "What if I have a panic attack" "What if I pass out" All What If. I kept asking for reassurance from everyone in a sly way, not to let them know how worried I was but I bet you could see it on my face!
When we arrived at the airport I was a mess and we had to get the bus to the terminal, well I can say that was the worst panic I have ever felt. I was shaking, everyone was looking at me, I was hot but freezing and the "What If" started. I worked myself up again into a state of panic. Once on the plane I got myself ready for being sick, passing out, everyone looking. We took off, I didn't like it that much but I was okay. I wasn't sick, I didn't pass out and no one was interested in me. I ate and I drank and I loved the view. All that panic, all that worry and thoughts were for nothing. I wasted days in the lead up for nothing because it didn't happen. Anxiety is the biggest A hole going. It makes the best the worst and the future worrying (ha). Living in the moment is something I live by now, after all the missing out I have had enough and I want it to change. Two years ago if I had been at the airport in that state I wouldn't have gone, I would have made Tim bring me home. Two years on no matter how bad it was I did it because I'm not letting anxiety win. I thought would share some tips for you guys, if like me you have anxiety or know someone who does who might be in need of some help in day to day life!
1. The thought is so much worse than doing it:
This goes for everything. No matter what your anxiety is making you think the thought is always so much worse. Your head can't tell the future so how do you know what is going to happen? Nine times out of 10 you will do the thing you are worried about and it will be amazing.

2. Control your breathing:
This one is so important as the way you breath controls everything. When we get anxiety we take shorter breaths which means less oxygen to the brain which makes you more panicked. Long deep breaths in the nose and out the mouth can really help bring you into the now and make you feel calm. Also focusing on the breathing can take you away from the anxiety.

3. Be prepared:
Get everything ready a few days in advance so you know in those days you have everything. Make sure you have comforts, mine are chewing gum, tissues and my phone. Knowing you have your bag and clothes ready is reassuring. It also means you don't have that panicked morning getting your stuff!

4. Think to the worst of the worst:
What is the worst that can happen? I sometimes think I'm going to have a heart attack but the truth is you won't. No one has ever had a heart attack from anxiety or a panic attack. No one has ever died either. Remind your self of this when you are getting worked up.

5. Know your illness:
Learn about anxiety like your at school. The more you know the more it can help. Read up of symptoms, thoughts and behaviors so the next time you have anxiety you know why this is happening. Such as you will know why your heart is beating so fast, why you feel dizzy.

6. Remember you are in control:
Remind yourself that you want to do what you are worried about, that it's something fun or not that bad. Let you anxiety know that you want to do it! Doing this helps you build more confidence and in turn it will be something you will just do when the worry sets in.

7: Remind yourself of all the other things you have done:
I do this all the time. Reminding yourself of things you have done that were bigger or harder is brilliant at helping with anxiety. Looking back and seeing how worried you were but you did it is one of the best cures. You have already done it once so why will this time be different? 

8 Face your fears:
The more you do something the easier it will get. You will gain more evidence that you don't need to worry! The more you avoid something the worse it gets so break the cycle using tips and techniques and face it. If you fail it doesn't matter but try, try again. It will help and change your opinion of the fear! 
I'm so pleased I pushed myself. I had such an amazing time and got to get these lovely photos! Everything is from H&M apart from the shoes, they are from ASDA! I couldn't believe it! I opted for a chilled look sightseeing, but it was perfect to team up with some heals for the evening! 

Remember you can do anything if you relax, breath and push yourself!

How do you deal with anxiety?
Let me know down below!

Saturated Colour Cosmetics Volumetric Lust Mascara Review*

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hello! I hope you are all well? Today I'm here with another beauty review! Mascara is one of the first things I started using when I was younger! I loved the look it creates instantly! Being someone who can't wear false lashes because I'm so heavy handed: I have glued my eye shut and walked around with one half on half off! So I have always just stuck to mascara which I don't mind, if it's a good one! Today I'm reviewing a mascara from Saturated Colour Cosmetics. It's the Volumetric Lust, sounds promising!

This mascara comes in at £9 which I think is an amazing price plus the website offers free UK delivery! Firstly I love the packaging, it's simple but the glitter lid adds something that makes me excited! This mascara has a "conical" shaped brush which means your lashes will be lengthened and defined. On use the mascara doesn't look heavy or clumpy on the brush, always a good sign! Just a tiny amount on the lashes and you can see results, instantly they look longer, bigger and more defined. Honestly I was really surprised how quickly it got to work!  One thing I really like about this mascara is the fact you can build on the look without cakeyness or clump! I use two coats for my lashes as I love the look but you could use more if you have shorter lashes! It's jet black and the colour is even, perfect for if you don't want to have them tinted. It really does last all day, I didn't even need to touch up for the evening, something I always look for in a mascara as that is when they start looking like spider legs! It's also very easy to remove, just a good Micellar Water will do the job! Overall I'm really impressed, for only £9 you wouldn't expect to get the results but you do! I love it!

Have you tried this brand before?
What mascara are you loving?
Let me know down below guys!

This post contains PR items I have been sent. As always all opinions are my own*

The Budget Oily Hair Treatment

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oily hair is the biggest pain ever. Not only does it show 100% but it makes you feel dirty. Not to mention the fact you can't do anything with your hair other than put it up! Dry Shampoo saves you for so long but it's not the best fix everyday! Having short hair means I get oily hair quicker, I pretty much have to wash it everyday! When I saw the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner  in the shop I knew I needed them!

This shampoo has three refined clay's which help combat oily hair but also dry ends, a problem which I have. It claims to sort out the oil and leave hair free for up to 72 hours and makes your locks feel hydrated and fresh. The fact it's full of clay would probabily make you think the texture of the shampoo and conditioner will be heavy, thick and hard to use. It's far from it, it's just like normal! It does smell amazing, such a fresh sent. 

After use and once my hair was dry I could see such a diffrence. First of all no product is left, if you have used a hair clay mask before you will know it sticks to the hair like glue! My roots were fresh, clean and no oil in sight. My ends felt softer, less dry and no more fly-away! The clean hair lasted all day, even being out in the sun getting hot. I don't like washing my hair everyday, one I can't be bothered and two it really does dry my ends out! I left my hair as it was over the next day and guess what? No oil! My hair felt like it had been washed that day! 

Overall I am really impressed with these products, I have tried so many other shampoos and conditioners for oily hair and none have worked, apart from these two! I am going to be picking up the pre shampoo treatment and the dry shampoo for when I go longer without washing my hair! I highly recommend these if like me you suffer with oily hair and dry ends!

Have you tried this before?
What do you use to combat oily hair?
Let me know down below!

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation Review*

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Foundation. It's got to be my most loved item of makeup. No matter how bad your skin looks, how ill you are or how low your self esteem is it will help. It can hide things in an instant and also really bring out the best of your skin. Vichy is a loved brand by me, my mum and my nan. I have already tried and reviewed one of their others, read it here and it's a love. Today I'm here with another foundation, the Vichy 3D Correction

This foundation costs £21.50 in Boots, not a bad price for what it claims! "Forget Dilated Pores, Spots and Pitted Scars" this foundation promises to fill in and cover everything, being like a second skin. It states that research shows that eight layers of primers, concealers and foundation are used to cover acne but only one use of this foundation. It will also help Rosacea redness and scarring while also cooling down spots.

I was so excited to try this out. The texture of the foundation is thick, very thick. I always use a beauty blender, I adore the finish! When blending onto the face you think it's going to be really hard to blend out but it isn't. It's like cream, so soft and you can have your face covered instantly. It's so light on the skin, it honestly feels like nothing is there! I only used one layer, it was enough. I have never in my life felt so good with a foundation on my skin. Any spots were covered and hidden, any redness was erased and the coverage... flawless! The texture of my skin felt like I had used the best primer in the world, so soft and not bumpy. It lasted me all day, even being in the garden working.

Overall I am so impressed with this foundation, there is nothing to fault! I love the coverage, the texture and the fact it calms my spots while wearing it! 

Have you tried this before?
What foundation are you loving at the moment?
Let me know down below!

This post contains PR items I have been sent. As always all opinions are my own*