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County Walks - Outfit Of The Day

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Walking around the most prettiest town will be one day I will never forget. As many of you know I have strange hobbies, I like abandoned buildings mainly hospitals, asylums and homes. I also have a huge love for the Victorian era. I have been fascinated by it since a little girl learning about them in school and the obsession has continued. On Wednesday I thought time for an outfit of the day, it's been ages and the weather is really getting better. I found a cute village only an hour away and off we went. It will full of tea rooms, cute handmade shops and a stunning antique shop. The word Antique to me is excitement and "we are going in, end of" so off we went. It was in a converted barn, dark and full head to toe of loads of amazing things. After wondering around for a while and with a handful of Victorian cards I went over to the jewelry, so many pretty rings and little watches were lined up. Between them Victorian coins with Queen Victoria on them, I was in my element! At the last stand I found something I have been hunting for. It was sat in a little brown box all on it's own right at the back. A Victorian Mourning Brooch! I knew them it was going to be mine and I paid straight away. It's stunning, pretty and thoughtful. It has a locket of hair in side in a plait and the thing it's self is tiny, maybe for a child to wear. After years of hunting and searching every shop possible I am so pleased to own my very own piece. I know a few people who also have these and I have always longed for my own. 

I'm so loving the whole ripped jeans look! It's really comfy and creates a more edgy look. The denim jacket is the same one in my last outfit of the day. I loved it being dark blue but I have always wanted a washed out jacket so I bleached it in the bath and it turned out like this! I'm thinking about getting another, bleaching it and tie dying it all shades of purple! 

What have you been up to?
What clothes are you loving at the moment?
Let me know down below!

Natura Siberica Review*

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hello! I hope you all are well. Today I am here a review of  two lovely products from Natura Siberica. This is a website full of 100% natural products for your face, body and hair! With summer pretty much here taking care of our skin is really important and these two products will give you a helping hand!

Things I Use Coconut Oil For

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

On the market there are thousands of products for so many different things today and it can be so overwhelming. Picking out a product can be a nightmare because each claim to do different things and sometimes with a high price! I have huge draws full of products that I thought would help combat my dry nails, my split ends and spots and only a handful have worked. If I am honest some have made my problems a lot worse. Being a blogger your in the middle of everything that is happening with beauty and when Coconut Oil became the thing of course I tried it! Out of all the things I buy, use and leave sat on the shelf Coconut Oil has to be one of the most multipurpose product's I have ever owned. A product that is 100% natural and with amazing benefits! 

1. Makeup Remover:
After a long day wearing makeup I always take it off as soon as I get home because if I get tired I will be lazy. I just apply a tea spoon amount directly to my face and work it in using my fingers. I apply the left over residue to my eyes and leave for a few minutes. I will then wipe it all off using two cotton pads and my makeup will just glide off. I haven't had any irritation using this and it doesn't feel harsh on the skin.

2. Nail Cream:
I have always been prone to dry cuticles which crack, bleed and cause me pain. After the winter they are always so much worse. When I'm sitting around on the blog or watching tv I will take a small amount and rub it into each nail and work upwards so everything is covered. I will just leave it on until it drys and make sure I repeat this three times a day and once before bed. My nails are left shinny, healthy and the skin isn't cracked anymore.

3. Shaving Cream:
I love shaving, nothing beats that feeling of lying in bed with fresh shaved legs! What I don't like is a shave that isn't close enough or a shave that leaves you feeling dry! I will use about two table spoons for each leg when I am in the shower and I will rub the coconut into my skin then shave. I'm left with perfectly shaved legs, no dryness or flaking and they are super smooth!

4. Hair Mask:
I bleach my hair a lot and it needs some TLC from time to time and always just after I have attacked it with hair dye! I apply this on damp hair all over my ends and really work it in. I will leave it for around 30 minutes and then wash it out followed by shampoo & conditioner. My ends will be full of moisture and the dryness will be gone and no more frizz! I advice not to put it on your roots as it will make them look super greasy and it's a pain trying to wash it out!

5. Lip Balm:
Cracked lips after the winter? I'm with you! This winter I really had a hard time to the point I couldn't open my mouth, not good! I put some of my coconut oil in an empty Vaseline tub and used it everyday / all day on my lips. After a week the dryness got so much better and my lips look way more healthier! It also tastes amazing, whats not to love?!

Well that is what I use coconut oil for! It's super cheap as well, I got my 250ml tub for £2! I also use it for cooking and I adore covering chicken in it before I go onto making a Thai Green Curry! I couldn't live without my coconut oil, I love it so much!

Do you use coconut oil?
What do you use it for?
Let me know down below!

A Little Nip+Fab Haul Review

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely week? I have been MIA the past few days as I have been taking Winston to the vets for check ups, having his stitches out and getting more tablets for his little ear infection, bless him! I have also got a new little unit with draws for all my makeup so I have been sorting everything out which I really enjoyed!

Today I'm here with a little Nip+Fab haul. This brand is turning into one of my favorites! I love everything right down to the packaging. I picked up these two in TK Maxx for under £10 and I thought I would share them with you guys!

The first thing I picked up was the Hyaluronic Fix Body Gel. I'm a body moisturizer obsessive as the winter always leaves my skin so dry and sore but I always have the same problem, I'm sticky for hours after so the fact that this is a gel made me have more hope! It comes in a nice big size, 200ml so it's going to last a while. It smells lovely, it's a clean sent and makes me think of summer which is nice. On the first use I was amazed by how it glides over the skin, you only need a tiny drop and your whole arm is covered! After about two minutes it's completely absorbed! No sticky feeling, No product left on the skin! My whole body felt softer after just one use and after a week my dry skin was gone! I don't think I will be buying another moisturizer again as this one is just perfect in every way possible!

The next thing I picked up was the Dark Circle fix as my eyes have been quite bad and they can be puffy in the morning. Again like the product above this is a gel formula. I use this morning and evening, I apply a tiny amount under my eyes and on the lid. It drys straight away and doesn't feel heavy. I had no irritation using this which is a bonus as some eye creams make my eyes water!  After a few days of use I can see a huge difference. My eyes look less puffy and the dark circles are pretty much gone! Another great thing about this product is it acts as a great primer for eye shadow! Makeup lasts all day on my eyes when I use this so that's an added bonus. 

I am so pleased with these two products from Nip+Fab. Their range is just amazing, they have a great selection so you can find something to suit your needs! I have my eye on a few other bits so a haul is needed!

Have you tried Nip+Fab?
What do you love from their range?
Let me know down below!

What I'm Loving At The Moment (The Budget Edit)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello Hello! I hope you all are well? I can't believe it's the end of April already! Roll on the warmer weather! I have been switching up what I have been using this month to try out some new things and old loves. I thought today I would share with you what I have been loving at the moment but the budget edit. As I have picked up some amazing bits on the high street recently!

First of all are these earrings from Primark which cost me only £2 for nine pairs. I adore the style of each one but the hands and elephants have to be my favorites. The quality is amazing considering the price! I have been non stop wearing them and I have had no discomfort, which you sometimes get from cheap earrings. I love Primark for jewelry, you can't beat it sometimes!

Next is Pure Dusk perfume from New Look. I have walked past their perfume range a few times without a thought but I decided to give them a smell and I fell in love with this sent! It's very much like the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle. For only £7.99 it's a steal and perfect for those days you don't want to use your expensive sent! It lasts all day which is lovely, I didn't really expect it to last that long! I can't wait to try out more from their range and other shops such as River Island. 

L'Oreal have always been a love of mine for foundations and the Infallible 24H foundation has to be my all time favorite. It's full coverage but isn't heavy, something I always look for in a foundation. It's brilliant at covering spots, dark circles and blemishes. Sometimes I don't even need concealer! It also lasts ages, I have had mine now for a few months using it pretty much everyday so the price £9.99 is worth it!

This elf eyebrow duo brush is something I can't believe I lived without! It's perfect for keeping my brows groomed and set in place with the spoolie and the angled brush is amazing with my ABH dip brow. It's a hard brush so you can get great detail with it. It cost me £4.40 which I think is such a steal considering how much some brushes are! It doesn't feel cheap, it's very sturdy and always washes up well!

I picked up the W7 In The Buff palette in TKMax for £4.99 as I have read so many reviews on how it's an Urban Decay dupe. I am so in love with it! All the shades are perfect for creating pretty looks to take you from day to night. The pigment is amazing and you can really build on them as well. Not bad for a £4.99 palette! I wasn't expecting it to be this good!

Lastly, non beauty related but I had to share these cute little candle holders from Primark. They cost me £2.50 for three, a price you can't argue with! They look amazing on my TV stand in the day then in the evening when lit they let off a really pretty glow! I'm loving Primark for small home touches at the moment and their candle range is amazing!

That's what I'm loving at the moment!
What are you loving?
Let me know down below!