Real Techniques Core Collection Review

I have owned my brushes now for just over a month. They cost me £22.99 from Boots. I think they were a very decent price. In the package you get four brushes and a panoramic case. From left to right:

  • Buffing Brush: Full coverage of powder.
  • Contour Brush: Creates contour for soft - focus finish.
  • Pointed Foundation Brush: For use with Liquid foundation.
  • Detailer Brush: Used to conceal and can also be used with lipstick for shape and definition.

First of all all the brushes are amazing quality. They are hard wearing and are the perfect weight.  All the bristles have a lovely soft touch and don't aggravate your skin which is a plus for me because I hate hard bristles!

The Buffing Brush works really well. I use it for bronzer and blusher. The brush picks up just the right amount of product and when you apply it to your face it doesn't powder all over the place. It blends perfectly and gives your cheeks a lovely finish.

The Contour Brush is a perfect size to swipe over your face to create your finish. It collects the right amount of product and once you start using it you wont ever stop!

The Pointed foundation Brush is my all time favorite from the pack. After I apply my foundation I go over my face with this. I focus around my eyes, nose and forehead. It blends the foundation in perfectly and  gets rid of all the streaks and builds up perfect coverage.

The Detailer Brush is a multipurpose brush. I use it for my eyes and lips. For my eyes I can build up my eye shadow and it blends perfectly. For my lips I use it to define them. I apply a small amount to the brush and then I  work my way around my lips to the middle. This brush really creates definition weather it be smoky eyes or plump red lips.

Overall I think that these brushes, although quite expensive are 100% worth paying the extra money. When you take into consideration the build and quality, the feeling of using them and the overall look you can achieve they are well worth having in your everyday make up bag.


Build Quality: ♥ 5/5
Coverage: ♥ 5/5
Ease of use: ♥ 5/5
Worth the money: ♥ 5/5
Case: ♥ 4/5



  1. i'm still debating whether or not to buy these yet! i haven't heard anything bad about them though, however i generally just use my hands for foundation, but i want to give them a go
    arghh the choices

    1. I was on a debate to get them as well! It was so worth it, im so pleased with them. I still use my hands to put my foundation on but I use the foundation brush to blend it perfectly and it also makes it last longer!

  2. I have the stippling brush from the pink collection, I love it!


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