Quick & Easy Cornflakes Cakes

Hello! Sorry for the lack in posts. I have been ill and super busy! Anyway today I'm going to show you a cheap and easy recipe for Cornfake Cakes! They are so tasty and I'm honestly hooked! #can'tstopwontstop.

What You Will Need:

Cooking Chocolate - I used Morrison's own. 300g at 80p.
Cornflakes - I used Morrison's Own at 34p.
Cupcake Cases or a Brownie tin.

Add the chocolate to a bowl over boiling water and stir till melted. (Be careful. I set fire to a pack of coffee and a tea towel, god knows how)

Add the cornflakes gradually. You will be amazed how many you can add! 

Add the mixture to the cases and chill in the fridge for around 30 minutes.

Once chilled get them out and enjoy! Keep them in the fridge because in the hot weather the chocolate melts again!

Hope you liked the post and I hope you try these out for yourself! They are so easy and so cheap! Yummy!



  1. Yum yum. I've had these before, they are delicious! :] // ☼

  2. I love making these, they are so easy but so delicious!


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