Paul Mitchell Shampoo two - Clarifying

I had to get Clarifying Shampoo Two recently because I had to get some extensions on my fringe from a bad haircut (don't ask). I have been using this now for a few days and I can't believe I have never used this! The feeling you get after using this product is something that I haven't ever felt before, my hair feels 100% clean! They say that this shampoo cleanses oily hair and scalp and your hair will become less oily over time. It gets rid of any build up of products and everyday things such as pollution. It also cleans your extensions really well. It gets rid of any grease on the glue so it stops them falling out and makes them last a lot longer. 

It also makes styling a lot easier because there is nothing else in your hair, only what you are putting in at the time! It cost me £15 for 500ml and it will last me a long time because you only need a small amount! It has a lovely lemony smell and it makes your hair look and smell fresh! 

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  1. Never tried this before but I love trying new stuff for my hair i'd give anything a go :) xox


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