Matt Nail Paint - Barry M Review

I saw a post on Instagram of a girls Matt nails and I instantly feel in love with the look! After some help from people on Twitter I found what I think is the best Matt nail varnish out there! Matt Nail paint cost me £3 in Boots and I got it in Espresso. When first applied it looked really shinny and didn't look matt at all but once it dried it looked amazing! You do need two coats of this on as the first coat is very weak! I have had it on for two days and I haven't had any chips or peeling! I'm really happy with it and I'd recommend this to anyone wanting the matt look! Barry M also have many other colors available in the matt range. 

Please excuse the state of my nails! Being out in the cold for 10 hours taking photos and then breaking your nails lead to this! If anyone knows anything to help the cracked skin please let me know! 


  1. I haven't used a matte nail polish before as I love gel finish polishes but I think this post has made me want to try one out! I'll definitely have to pick up a matte nail polish now! x

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  2. For some reason I prefer matte black nail varnish so much more than the regular, glossy black! I haven't tried the Barry M one but it looks great! I have the same, cracked skin problem in the winter too! I find E45 cream to be really useful as well as L'Occitane hand cream :)

    Becki |

  3. I love this, but I find it so hard to get a top coat for matte nails! So frustrating.

    Sammy xo.

  4. For the price this looks really good! I love Barry M nail polishes, they never disappoint! x

  5. Ooh, this sounds awesome - I always find matte colours chip for me on the first day so I'm definitely going to have to check this one out, thanks for this review! <3


  6. I love Barry M, it's good it hasn't chipped or peeled, that's the worst thing with nail varnish.

    Meme xx

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  7. Love the matte! I find that nail oil is really good for dry skin around the nail - I use this and it's amazing! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  8. I know Lush do a great nail cuticle creamy oil called Lemony Flutter :)
    Anjna Harish


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