Sass Intimate Health Care Review & My Story

I was contacted by Sass to do a review on some products and it couldn't have come at a better time. Today I'm going to be honest about some problems I have been having for a few years and how there is more to down there than sex, babies and periods!

This is quite a long post guys but I would be so pleased if you could read it as it could help you in the long run!

First of all, Sass is a new brand all about intimate health care. All of their products are pH balanced. They contain Probiotics  that will promote the health of good bacteria and in turn will stop you getting infections such as thrush and BV. They have nine different products at the moment, one to suit each need. 

When I was 12 years old I started my period and like all girls the first few were a nightmare. It was painful, heavy and I couldn't cope. After putting up with passing out due to this for a year I went to the doctors and I was put on the pill.

When I turned 18 everything started to turn funny. When I would have a period I would get thrush, every time. After taking the treatment the next period would turn up and I would have thrush, again! After going to the gp time and time again and not getting any help I was at a lose end so I lived with it.  In the middle of all of this I had severe intimate dryness I'm talking I couldn't even walk and things over the counter were just making it worse. I was having hot flushes, PMS all the time and I was in pain 24/7 in my intimate area.

Enough was enough and I went to a new doctor who referred me to a gynecologist as she thought I was going threw the menopause!

The first thing she told me was to stop using bubble bath and shower gel because the pH of them were aggravating my intimate area. I didn't have a clue about pH and I never thought bubble bath would have hurt it?! I had some tests done and it turns out my contraceptive pill had stopped my body producing estrogen and it was giving me severe side affects (hot flushes and intimate dryness). Because on top of this I was using bubble baths, shower-gels on my intimate area I was aggravating my pH and with that getting thrush, BV and Strep B. I'm now off the pill and I have to use estrogen cream to get my body back to normal. 

I was sent five small samples from Sass and considering what I have been through here are my reviews! 

Intimate Purifying Cleanser: 
This is a wash for your intimate area. It has a light sent which is lovely. You use this just like shower-gel and it leaves you feeling really clean and fresh, perfect for around the time of the month. No irritation, perfect!

Intimate Sooth & Smooth Shave Gel:
I don't know how I lived without this! You apply to your bikini line (or all over) and leave for one minute and then shave as normal. There is no pull or burn after using this and its so much faster! You are left with smooth skin and this also helps stop ingrown hairs!

Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate:
After shaving apply this to the intimate area to sooth. It makes such a difference! You don't feel itchy or irritated and it helps stop hair growth! You can't ask for more really! 

Intimate Protection Barrier Cream:
Before you start working out you apply this to your intimate area. I work out a few times a week and I have used this before and it really made a difference! I didn't feel aggravated in my intimate area and it made everything a little easier!

Intimate Recovery Serum:
After working out you use this to sooth, cool and comfort your intimate area. It really is amazing! It gives you a "I have just had a shower" feel. It's a clean feeling and any irritation that was there is gone. I really recommend  this to anyone that works out before work! 

Overall I am so pleased with the bits I have been sent! I use the wash everyday and I adore the shave gel and after care! After learning the hard way about pH and how your intimate area needs different care to the rest of your body I highly recommend Sass to everyone! 

Did you know about intimate health care?
Would you ever use Sass?

I was sent these samples to review and all opinions are my own I was not paid to do this post and I chose to write about my own experience.


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