Thing's I Love About Autumn

It's now the end of summer even though it doesn't feel like it!? I'm really excited for autumn! I love the clothes, the cold bite outside and all the exciting things it brings! I'm almost ready apart from some jumpers and even more candles, they are a must have this time of the year! I thought today I would share with you what I love & what I'm excited about!

Layering, I love getting some chunky knits out and adding more texture to an outfit with a jacket and scarf. My trusty Parker is still going strong and that keeps me nice and snug! 

Hot Chocolate, I'm very hard to please with hot chocolate. It has to be milk with marshmallows with cream and a flake oh and lots of sugar. At the end of the day it's cold so I need it!

Halloween, Ever since I was little I have loved Halloween and without a fail I dress up. Yes even at 22 this year I will dress up to sit at home and eat Halloween treats and watch a scary movie or play a cult horror game. Of course there will be pumpkin carving and I wont eat the inside for £40 because I was never paid. 

Blankets, It's started now, I got myself a lovely cute blanket and it's with me all night! I just love getting all warm watching a movie or crap TV. When you mix it with hot chocolate you have a dream right there. 

Hot dinners, Nothing beats standing in the kitchen all afternoon peeling potatoes and sweating onions ready to make a shepherds pie for the evening, with cheese! I really love cooking and when the cold comes I'm ready with beef casseroles and red pepper soup! 

Reading, I can't read in the summer, it's hot and I can't focus but as soon as it starts getting colder the books come out. I can read a lot of books in autumn/winter especially in the bath with candles! I got a book I have wanted for ages for my birthday called Beyond the dark veil about Victorian postmortem photography. I'm obsessed by there strange ways so this is perfect. 

Autumn nails, I get so excited to go out and get some new nail polishes ready for the season. This year I have some grey and red cherry. It's one of those things I have done for years and it makes it a little more exciting.

Fireworks night, This night is one of the most exciting nights ever for me. Growing up I have always celebrated it, every year I would go to my Nans for a bonfire and so many fireworks it would last hours! I always go to a display now with my new husband, wrapped up with a coffee and some chips covered in tomato sauce. It's always so magical and I love it.

Puddings, Hot puddings are my favorite and now that is's colder they are in the house waiting to be heated up. I love custard on pretty much anything but a big slice of apple pie is always a winner. With added cinnamon you have winter there in a bowl.  

Christmas, Now this wouldn't be a true list if this wasn't on here! I love Christmas and I'm cooking the dinner second time around and yes I will make more than forty pigs in blankets again because they are the best thing in the world! For me it's not about the presents but the tree and the decorations, the food and the soap Christmas specials! It would be an understatement if I said I'm really excited! Plus I threw out my tree to make room for a wardrobe so tree shopping this year! I'm thinking big...

Well that is what I love,
What do you love? Let me know! 


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