Bleach London Total Bleach review & Washed Up Mermaid

Hello guys! Today I'm here with a review of Bleach London Total Bleach and Washed Up Mermaid. As you may have seen by my other photos I have now got blond and blue hair from jet black hair. After staring at all the different bleach in the shop and knowing I wanted to do Washed Up Mermaid I decided to go for Total Bleach. I haven't ever used this brand before. For £7 you get the bleach, a bowl, a brush and 50ml of their own repairing mask.

The instructions were very easy to follow but I do advice using your own bowl as their one is quite small (I used a mug). I started at my roots and followed down to my tips and I left it on for forty five minutes the maximum amount of time as my hair was so dark. Normally after about 10 minutes when using bleach your head starts to burn and really itch but not with this one! I couldn't feel a thing! This is a first in my case using bleach, other brands have left me with a sore head! 
After rinsing my roots were platinum  and my ends very brassy. This is going to happen when you bleach your hair no matter how long you leave it on for so a toner comes in here. Because I was going blue I missed this step as I have heard that blues can sit better on the brassy tone.  

On dry hair I started at my roots then to my tips with Washed Up Mermaid. In the bowl it looked a lot darker but as soon as I got it on my hair it was more turquoises the colour I wanted. I left it on for 15 minutes. Because of the purple pigment in this dye it got rid of the brassy tones for me! 

Overall I am so happy with my hair and I highly recommend Bleach London to everyone! Of course always do a patch test when using a new dye and practice makes perfect!

Have you ever used Bleach London?
What crazy colours have you had your hair?


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