Dove Derma Spa Hand Creams Review*

A few weeks ago I was contacted and was asked if I would like to do a review on the new Dove Derma Spa range. Of course I had to jump at this because I love all of Doves products and I haven't tried the new range yet. I was sent six products and I thought I would break them up into three posts so they wouldn't be to long and easy to read.

Today I'm doing a review on their two new hand creams. This time of the year my hands are at their worst. The cold, washing up and the heating all make my hands sore and dry so they were in need of help! These both come in at £5.99 each, an amazing price for a 75ml of hand cream in my opinion! I have been using both for the last week and I am hooked! 

In the morning and in the day after washing my hands I have been using the Goodness3. This little beauty is lovely to use in the day. It smells amazing, just like the treatments from the Spa. It absorbs very fast and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy, I hate that! You can feel it moisturizing your hands as soon as it's all rubbed in and that lasts for hours! This is perfect for in your hand bag when your out and about in the cold as it really helps care for your skin!

In the evening I go in and use the Intensive hand cream. I can't stress how lovely this cream is! I use this in the evening while I'm watching TV and I put a layer on just before bed. When I wake up any dryness that was there is gone and my hands are super soft! Also this cream is amazing for your nails. Any dry flaky skin is gone and they are left shinny and looking really healthy so I have ditched my nail polish for a while to get them healthy! Again this smells amazing!

I think these two creams would make a lovely Christmas present for a loved one! I will be sticking with these for sure and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Have you tried the new Derma Spa Range?
Keep checking back for more reviews of the new range!

I was sent these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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