Dove Derma Spa Uplifted Collection Review*

Hello guys, hope you have had a lovely weekend? Today I'm here with some more from the new Dove Derma Spa range! If you missed my last post I was talking about their new hand creams and you can read that here

The two products I'm sharing with you today are the uplifted+ collection. Around this time every year with Christmas coming, nice food in the shops my body confidence is past zero and my skin suffers from it. Not only am I eating rubbish I have the heating on full blast and working out, ha! You must be joking, it's freezing! With that my skin is dry and not it's best so these two came at just the right time. They are the Uplifted+ Body Oil and the Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-on. 

Starting off with the body oil this costs £9.99 for 150ml. It claims to help improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin. After a bath in the morning I go in with this and I use it on my arms, legs, chest and but! It smells like heaven, I can't get enough it! Even after a whole day you can still smell it which I think is lovely! When using this you only need a small amount as it's an oil so a little goes a long way, so it lasts quite a while. It absorbs very fast so you can use this if you are in a rush as you don't feel sticky. I have been using this now for over a week and I can honestly say my skin looks much better! I had a few very tiny stretch marks on my legs and they are slowly going and my skin has got a firmness to it and feels much more healthier and so soft. I don't think my skin has felt so good this time of the year!

Next is the massaging body roll-on which costs £9.99 for 100ml. This is the same as the body oil but in a roll-on form so it has three metal balls and you squeeze the bottle to release the oil. I decided that I would just use this on my tummy and hips. The feeling when using this is amazing! The balls make it very cooling and soothing and help work the oil into the skin. I massage it into my skin in circular motions to help blood flow and it lets out just the right amount so no waste. This also absorbs really fast and the smell lasts for the day. Again my skin is looking so much better and it has improved the firmness!

Overall I am in love with these two products. They smell good, feel good and the results over time is amazing! I highly recommend these and they are so worth the money! Also boots has these on offer for only £4.99 each at the moment!

Have you tried these yet?
What do you think of products to help firm your skin? Let me know!

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