Things I Love About Christmas

It's officially Christmas in our flat. We have got our tree up and I have started wrapping presents and maybe had a few roses! I love this time of the year! It's full of fun and joy. Today I'm going to share with you what I love about Christmas!

The Coke Advert, You know it's Christmas when you see the Coke advert! No matter what you are doing you pause and watch with excitement to then tweet it to everyone #theholidaysarecoming. 

Food, This time of the year all the good things are in the shops. You go get your tins of chocolates, which is a military operation because everyone wants the strawberry one! Pigs in blankets, need I say more? Don't even get me started on the Christmas dinner!

Music, All the Christmas songs are playing now and it's so exciting! No matter what music taste you have there is always one Christmas song that sticks out. My all time favorite is The Pogues Fairy Tale Of New York and I have had that playing non stop! You can't beat wrapping presents with Christmas music! "It's Christmas" is your new pick up line!

Putting the tree up, The moment the tree is there in the room all bare ready for you to be creative with the decorations is the best feeling ever! Trying to untangle the lights and looking for the bulb that's blown the lot is all part of it! Trying to not knock the tree over while you go wild with the tinsel. Then the star goes on the top only to be top heavy and hang in shame, the fun! 

Films, After Christmas shopping nothing is better than getting home and watching a Christmas movie! The cheap jokes, the excitement and the laughs. I have just watched The Holiday and I can't wait to watch Home Alone Lost In New York! They really get you in the mood!

Gifts, I love getting gifts but I'm really someone who loves giving them more. I love seeing peoples faces when you get them something good! Or bad and they don't know what to do with themselves haha! I always get pretty paper and put little bows on all of them just to make them extra special. 

The Radio Times, Sitting down with a hot chocolate circling all the things you want to watch is so fun! I can't wait to get mine and plan the weeks up to Christmas. I love all the Christmas shows!

Family time, Meeting up with the family to celebrate Christmas is one of the best bits about it. Your all having good food and sharing lovely gifts. It's always a laugh and a screaming match over what to watch on TV.

Well that's what I love!
What do you love about Christmas? Let me know!


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