Self Care - Taking Care Of You

We lead lives now which are shaped by social media. This brings both positive and negative results. Checking out what your friends are up to is exciting but can also lead us to feel low about ourselves. You will always see people now glued to their phones and constantly getting a "fix" because it has become an addiction and that can lead us to loose a scene of us. Being someone who gets a lot of positive out of social media and also a lot of negativity today I thought I would share some tips for taking care of you. 

1. Loose your phone for a few hours,
This sounds simple enough but trust me it can be hard. You find yourself checking it more than you realize! Turn it off and put it out of sight. It's just you now. Slowly you will loose the urge to check things and that will help you stop worrying about things you haven't done or what your not doing. Be in the now, not the past or future.

2. Mindfulness,
I learnt mindfulness from my doctor while having treatment. At first I didn't think it would work but after doing it everyday for a few days I can honestly say it has changed my life. It brings you back to the now and helps you feel grounded. It can help with intrusive thoughts, anxiety and can help with everyday stress and bring you into the now. The head space app is amazing and it's for only 10 minutes a day!

3. Have a full on pamper,
I'm taking the works. Get a book or a magazine that you have been wanting to read but "haven't" had the time. Run a bubble bath and put a bath bomb in as well. Put a face pack on and grab a glass of wine, no take the bottle. Light some lovely smelling candles. Sit in the bath for as long as you like and keep topping up the water. Once your out make your skin feel amazing by using a lovely body oil that you know will make you feel soft and content. Paint your nails and your toes and take time, make them perfect. 

4. Watch a movie or a box set,
Your all clean, you don't have your phone so now it's time to get really into a movie or box set. It can be anything, something you have wanted to see for ages or something you just love. As it's Christmas I recommend The Holiday, Home Alone and Elf. For box sets, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Orange Is The New Black. You could even try something random and you never know, it could be the one!

5. Get a take out,
It's just one night, nothing to feel guilty about and plus clean eating everyday is boring! There are so many amazing take out places and you need to try new things! Create your own pizza or do half and half. Order some Wagamama and get your self something random! Maybe you will love it, maybe hate it but it's fun trying! Don't forget pudding! Make some pancakes or scones or go all out and buy a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. As long as their is some chocolate your on to a winner!

I hope you liked my tips!
What do you do to take care of yourself? Let me know down below!


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