A Winters Afternoon - Outfit Of The Day

Jacket, Boots, Leggins: Boohoo
Bag: Primark
Top: H&M

Winter is here and it's so cold out. It's lovely and fresh and it's a new year. I do love the winter. Sitting in getting sung under a fluffy blanket with a hot chocolate watching box sets. Having hot stews with extra gravy and mash potato! I think once Christmas is over it's normal to want Spring to hurry up. The grey sky is getting a little two much and is starting to bring me down but the sun is starting to show it's face again and that makes me happy. My low self esteem has been up and down recently, it's never 100% but it hit rock bottom the other day and resulted in a right downer. I lost faith in everything I wear and do. I held that in and got out to do some photos for this outfit of the day in the local park and it helped me a lot. Even though this was the last thing I wanted to do I had to push myself and I'm so glad I did as these are some of my favorite photos. I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter how crap you feel push yourself a litter harder and you will prove the bad stuff wrong. 

What are you loving wearing at the moment?
Are you excited for the warmer months?
Let me know!


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