Benefit They're Real Tinted Primer Review

Benefit has got one of the best ranges in my opinion. Every single product is desirable and beautifully packaged. I get excited when I go into Boots and look at their counter, I just love everything! I got the They're Real Tinted Primer with the Elle December issue and today I thought I would share a review after using it for a few weeks. 

This Primer promises fuller, longer and separated lashes even without mascara. It's tinted brown which I love because if you are in a rush you have still got a little color on your lashes. This costs £18.50. It's a lot for a primer but it is such a good brand and you know your getting something worth your money! I have been using it along with Miss Manga Punky mascara as it's one of my favorites and you can use this with yours!
I start of using this as I would a normal mascara. Straight away my lashes look longer and separated. It doesn't feel clumpy or heavy it feels light. The wand you apply this with is amazing! At the bottom there are a few legs that stick out so you can pull your lashes from the sides into place, I love that! I then go in with some mascara and I'm done. 
The eye on the left is with the primer and the eye on the right is without the primer, both with mascara. It's not a dramatic difference but there is one. My lashes look longer, separated and more defined. Even with mascara on top they feel light and that is something I always look for as I hate heavy eyes! Overall I am really pleased with this product and how it works but if I'm honest £18 for a small difference, I don't think I will buy this again! 

Have you tried this before?
What do you think of eyelash primer?
Let me know!


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