Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask Review

I'm slowing becoming a Nip + Fab obsessive. I'm always going to them in the shops and I'm slowly getting all the products I think I could benefit from. When I first saw the Bee Sting Lift I was a bit unsure but I thought why not, I'm loving everything else they do!
This costs £9.95 in Boots, not a bad price considering how big the brand is. First of all the packaging, I love it! Bright yellow, clear and crisp. It's simple and I like that, no fussing around here! The main thing that really made me want to get this was the fact it contains real bee sting, it is advised no to use this if you are allergic to bees, just wanted to point that out! This product claims to: help plump, firm, smooths, hydrates and softens. You can use this as a quick treatment for ten minutes or as an overnight mask. I thought at first I would just do a quick treatment. I can't really explain the smell, it's nice but I have no idea what it is! The product is a gel but not a sticky one, it's very easy to apply. After a few minutes on my face you can feel it working. It tingles and you can feel it sinking into your skin. After rinsing off my skin doesn't look "plump" but I am a 22 year old girl with no wrinkles but it's so soft, I mean super soft. It feels clean and very moisturized. I have used it a few times over night and I'm not a great sleeper, I don't fall into deep sleep till the early morning so my skin does show it. This has really helped, the dark circles are less visible and my skin looks more awake so no more quick foundation fixes in the morning! Overall I a really pleased with the Bee Sting Lift, it's helped with hydration, moisture and my bad nights sleep skin. For £9.95 it's a steal as it also calms down spots and it doesn't make your skin oily it makes it matte. Yep it gives you moisture along with a matte base so perfect for anyone with oily skin! 

Have you used this before?
What do you use to give your skin an intense treatment?

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