Outfit Of The Day - Winter Streets & What I've Been Up To

It's freezing out. I just want it to warm up already! Oh and don't get me started on the wind, my hair being short is all over the place! Thank god I got myself this coat from Primark, what a steal at only £20! I love the cut and style so much and it's super warm! I'm really loving this whole look at the moment, it's got a guy vibe to it which I love. It makes me think of something that Lol would wear from This Is England. I'm someone who really finds it hard dressing in the winter, if you look in my wardrobe it's mainly vest tops with a low cut under the arms and thin cardigans with leather sleeves, not great for winter eh! I'm a huge lover of check shirts, as is my husband who has a huge collection and that's fine by me as I steal them. Over sized on me and baggy, perfect! So with that comes this look, with washed black jeans from Camden and loafers from Primark.

I spent all day yesterday hunting around some antique shops for old Victorian photos. I have a massive obsession for the Victorian era. I just love the history, the style and the macabre. I'm slowly building up a collection and have a huge unit full of all my findings. I grew up next to a few abandoned Victorian Asylums and it fed my fascination and lucky enough I got to explore one of them and take photos. I have now traveled the country exploring abandoned schools, homes, hospitals and even the Victorian catacombs in London! I have picked up a few things on my travels. I guess when I'm older my home will be a museum full of strange things! 

Are you excited for summer or loving winter?
And what have you been up to?! Let me know down below!

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