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Hello! Today I'm here reviewing three products for you all! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Eco Natural Products, a website that has all natural beauty, skincare and hair care products. I got offered the chance to pick out some and I went down the skin care road as I just love skin care! I do love natural products as I find they always work really well and you know there isn't any nasty stuff in them.
Firstly is the Oblepikah & Honey Body Scub. This costs £6.99 Altia Oblepikha is known as Altai-Sea-Buckthorn which is the richest source of beta-carotene and full of omega. It's known to deeply nourish the skin and make it soft to touch. Organic Honey helps with elasticity and firmness. On first impressions the packaging is stunning. The beautiful blue with the cute imagery really adds to this product and I'm pleased to have this sitting on my shelf! I love a good body scrub for tanning, dry skin and to always feel soft! The product itself is bright orange with tiny little brown beads. The texture is thick, oily and cool. It honestly smells amazing, it's a sweet smell but not sickly and nothing to heavy. I always scrub before my bath and rinse in the shower as I don't like sitting in a bath full of dead skin (TMI). You only need a little on wet skin because it goes such a long way. I start at my feet and work up in circular motions! The beads work at just the right amount, not to hard and not to soft, enough for full exfoliation! When scrubbing it leaves a oily path which makes your skin so soft! Once done I rinse in the shower and there is nothing left, no oil or beads. I always shave after exfoliating and the results after using this scrub is brilliant. I don't think I have ever had such a even shave and for my legs to be that soft! I have used this a few times a week and even after the first use my skin felt softer and looked brighter and more healthy!
Next up is the Najel Black Cumin Oil which costs £6.72. I was really intrigued when I saw this product. I have never see anything like this or used! It states to be 100% pure and natural with nothing bad added, perfect! Black Cumin oil is known for is restorative and anti inflammatory properties. It's rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins and also loved for it purifying and toning effects. It's got a spice smell to it but nothing to strong so you wont be walking around smelling of curry! I really like the smell, it's calming and so different from what we are used to. I like to use this on my legs and arms, in the winter my skin is so dry! A few pumps onto my hand and I'm good to go! Rubbing this in feels lovely. It has a warming effect and spreads out evenly. It's a light yellow colour, just like oil but don't worry it dries clear! It doesn't leave you sticky which is something I always look for in oils because I can't stand that feeling all day! After using this I'm left with super soft skin, locked in moisture and the dryness is going down!
Lastly is the Danielle Laroche Dead Sea Mud which is by far my favorite. Priced at £8.38 this is 100% sea mud, pretty cool right? It claims to help with cell renewal and removes unwanted substances. Because it's antiseptic it helps with acne, eczema and muscle tension. I'm a huge sea lover, when I go to the beach I go in the sea, even if it's freezing! It smells of the sea, nothing more. I really like that about this product, it's so natural! I have been using this on my face everyday for a week and I'm loving it! I just take a little out of the pot and apply it all over my face. It's so cold and relaxing! I leave it on for 30 minutes and in that time it goes hard and sinks into the skin. When you wash it off you get the full effect of this product, it feels amazing! So refreshing and it really does make you feel relaxed with the smell! I had a few red spots on my face before I used this and I can honestly say they had toned down dramatically, hardly red anymore and no where near as big! I'm excited to try this all over my body and you can even use this in your hair!

I'm in love with these three natural products!
What natural products do you use & have you used anything like these three before?

I was sent these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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