Eyebrows, What The Fleek?

Eyebrows. We love them, hate them, want them, look at them and above all "need" them. The whole eyebrow craze has gone crazy the last few years and I can see why. When you go into a shop, high street or designer there are many amazing eyebrow products for you to try out. I think I have pretty much tried them all and failed harshly! Today I thought I would do a funny run down of my life with my eyebrows!

The Pencil: This was the first thing that I ever used to get brow drama. This wasn't because of the hype, I must have been about 13. I was lying on my mums bed screaming, kicking and my head was covered in some cooling gel. My mum was plucking my brows for the first time and I vowed the last because she over plucked. I had gaps and hardly any hair, bloody awful! Of course this wasn't all her fault, I kept moving and rubbing my head and she ended up taking off more than she planned. I had to fill them in with her brow pencil every time I went out and they looked so bad! I had no idea what I was doing so I just went for it like my emo eyeliner. Caterpillar brows you could call it? The worse thing was when I was going to Army Cadets, I couldn't wear makeup so I tried to hide them with my fringe till one person had to pick up on this. I didn't pluck again for a long time and I never let my mum near them again. Thanks mum for making below so much harder!

Eyebrows make your face: This must be about two years later when eyebrows really became a thing. Tumblr didn't help with this, so many amazing photos of brows and me being me I wanted them then and there. I grabbed the tweezers and a mirror and I set to work in my workshop of "I can so do that" You could say I over plucked when I was left with these tiny thin lines but I loved it! It was even and neat just super thin.. Did it make my face? No. It made me look like someone who was stuck in the 90s. 

They are sisters not twins: This one never set with me for years, I didn't want slightly different eyebrows, I wanted them the same! After my thin brows I wanted them bigger so I grew them out painful. Back in my workshop I worked out where to pluck, how to get them the same and away I went. One looked different so I plucked more, oh the other is thinner pluck some more. I was back to the thin stage and I had lost the tail on one brow, my eyebrows are adopted simple as I thought.

Powder my brows: Well my brows grew back because I hid my tweezers (I did still pluck the middle, got to throw that in there). I'm blogging now and eyebrows are bigger and better than ever. Waa I just wanted to be on fleek so I got my self some powder and gel. I was so excited to get home and powder my brows, kinky. Can you put to much powder on your brows? Yes is the answer. I went over the top and they looked like a carpet, a brown one. The powder would fall off all over my face and because the hair wasn't full the powder would sit in the gaps and wouldn't build up. I even went over the top with the gel and had wet look brows, god I must be the only person to have wet look brows. I told my partner that is it, I have had it with brows.

Stencil brows: I'm back again, I have just got myself some stencils, how amazing are these I thought! In the pack there were six and one was just perfect. On the face it goes, of course my brows didn't fit but that didn't cross my eyebrow obsessed mind. Forehead brow anyone? Oh lets just add the other one was pretty much on my eyelid. Powder didn't work so I did it with a pencil, it was so shinny as well... God. 

Brow This Way: Eyebrow gel that is brown, what is this magic? After all the above this was my next step. I went out and got some brown brow gel. This is the one I thought, I have so got this! I went for a mid brown gel, not to dark or light and I was again in my workshop. It said just go over your brows, so I did. Meh, I can't even explain to you what happened. I had massive brows that had little strokes above and below and did they look filled in? No. Did they look on fleek? No. It melted off as well, I must have been really hot with anger at my brows, how dare they do this to me.

Today: I'm now onto dipbrow and it's going okay! I'm not over the top with it and there is no over draw in sight! I grew my brows back over six months, my tail isn't 100% yet (arrrh) but I'm happy! When I pluck now I take my time and don't re shape them to often. Of course I still have bad days, clumpy brows anyone? I think I have accepted now I'm pretty crap at brows! They could be better but I think I will just stick with it, I can't deal with anymore brow drama, I'm to busy getting my lips perfect and that is a different story!

I hope you had a laugh at my expense!
What is your brow history, go on let us all know!

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