Fix Me In Forty Five Is Two Today!!

Dear Readers,
Today is two years old and I can't believe it. Two years ago today I was sat on the sofa and I was hitting publish on my first blog post, ever. I remember it like it was yesterday and it felt so good and terrifying! All I can say is thank you for being on this journey with me. You all give me such motivation and the kick to keep going. I'm so pleased that you all like what I post and leave me such lovely comments every time, that to me means the world! I never thought when I started I would have done this well! My photography has got so much better and I have got more creative with everything I do. I have become obsessed with white and cacti, I look at everything so different and above all my mental health has got better. Doing something like this and being so open and honest about my issues has helped so much. Not only myself but some of you guys as well which is so amazing and I'm really am so pleased that little me helped a handful of you! In two years I have worked with some amazing brands, blogging for me isn't about that it's just a bonus. Working with Dove, Vichy and Michel Kors were just amazing and it felt so good to be working with these brands! My amazing readers, thank you. Thank you for sticking with me, loving my work and being my rock. I love you all more than anything and I'm blessed to have you all. I love you! Stacey x

I thought as it's my blogs birthday I would share some of my favorite posts over the last two years!

I was send this stunning watch last year and I love it more than anything. It's so classic and pretty and different. I just loved doing this post because of the photography, I think this was a huge turning point for my blog because once I could see what I could do I didn't look back!
This is my most loved outfit of the day. I think this pretty much sums me up. All black, lace, heals and I'm in a Victorian Grave Yard. I love this look so much and I can't wait for it to be warmer so i can wear it again, it's way too cold at the moment! I had a lot of amazing feedback for this look and that made me happy!
I don't think I have ever laughed so much writing a blog post, or at the comments. After having a hormonal day and saying some crazy things to my partner about my eyebrows and how my muffin top is getting me down then eating a muffin. So I put them all together! The messages after this went live were so funny and I can't believe how many people related to this! 
This post was done after I asked for my third CBT treatment. It's so scary and there is so much to take in. There isn't much online to do with this so I thought I should do a post and I'm so pleased I did. Not only has the post been seen by many people but mental health charity's have shared it. Bloggers have and people have messaged me saying thanks to you I'm going for treatment. I'm amazed and so happy. If I can help just one person get better I'm content in life. 

Sharing the love.
I love every single one of you who come here and read my blog, like I said you keep me going. So I'm going to share some love and leave some links to some amazing blogs I am completely obsessed with.

Popcorn And Glitter: Sophie is amazing and beautiful. She has the best style ever with her amazing hair and stunning tattoos. She posts amazing film reviews and the best, I repeat the best food reviews. She is a complete doll and her blog is perfect!

Pamscalfi: Pam is a lovely girl with a beautiful style and the most stunning eyes you will have ever seen. She posts in depth beauty reviews of almost everything and she puts her heart and soul into her blog. Her photography is stunning and is always on fleek! 

Hey Bash: Bash Harry is the cutest. She has a voice and it shows on her blog. With her beautiful writing and her amazing style she isn't one to miss. Everything about this girl makes you want to be her best friend. Her makeup is always perfect and above all else she will make you laugh!

Mummy's Beauty CornerDagmara is beautiful, she posts the most amazing makeup looks I have ever seen. She does the best reviews of new makeup, high end and budget and makes you want to own everything she has! Beautiful photography is key on her blog and I love everything about it!

Thanks for reading!
How old is your blog? Let me know down below!


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