My Evening Skin Care Routine

Hello guys! Last week I did my morning skin care routine, read that here. Today I'm here with my evening routine. I'm someone who does most of my care in the evening, just before bed. I don't use to many products, I find that the more I use the more problems I cause! I think my evening skincare is my favorite, I love taking off my makeup and feeling refreshed and ready for bed. I think I have now found "my" thing for the evening. I don't like going to bed with a sticky face and I want all my makeup gone ready for a new day and this routine is perfect for me!

First thing I do in the evening is go in with the Clinique take off the day to remove my makeup. I use this on a couple of cotton pads and I hold it over my eyes, this can get rid of the hardest mascara! It's very soft on the skin and I haven't had any irritation with this. It's so fast at removing makeup which is perfect for me!

Next I grab my Nip+Fab Deep Cleansing Fix, I have done a full review here. This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used! It removes makeup, gives a deep pore cleanse and gives full moisture to the skin. I use this with my Magnitone all over my face paying attention to my nose and forehead. If there was any makeup left it's gone now! It's very gentle on the skin and so moisturizing, it's lovely to use after a full day of makeup! 

Twice a week I will use the Nip+Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask, review here. I leave it on for ten minutes or sometimes overnight. I love the feeling of this on the skin. It's moisturizing, calms the skin and helps with dark circles! I find having a face pack just before bed helps me get relaxed and this one is by far my favorite! 

Just before I hit the pillow I will use the Botanics All Bright Radiance Serum. Just three drops rubbed all over my face is enough. It drys instantly so no sticky face before bed! I have been using this every night now for a week and my skin is looking so much brighter. It smells so lovely and it's very relaxing. This Serum is so worth the money at £3.49 in Boots at the moment, it's perfect! I have used this with spots as well and it really helps calms them. 

Well that's my evening skin care routine!
What do you use in the evening? I would love to know! Let me know down below!


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