Get Your Summer Body With CelluBlue*

Summers well on the way (ahh heck) and I think all us girls are thinking we need to get our summer bodies! Now I'm not someone who likes the gym. If I am honest I find it makes my self esteem worse so I work out at home and try to eat healthy to the best I can because I love food! When I was contacted by Perrine to give this little cup a try I was intrigued and excited!

The CelluBlue is a medical-silicone cup designed to target and remove cellulite on the body. It's 100% safe for the skin and doesn't contain any nasty things like plastic and PVC. It costs only £15 which I think is a steal! It's simple and straight forward and all you need is this and a body oil of your choice! With the cup you also get a detailed instruction sheet. At first glance it's very confusing but once you start you will be fine and after a while you know what you are doing! All you need to do is apply body oil to the area affected and squeeze the cup to let all the air out. Then apply the cup to the area and let go. The cup will be sucked onto the skin! You work from bottom to top (never back and forth) for five minutes. It hurts but not in a "stop" way and after you use it your skin will be red and a little sore but nothing nasty as this is what happens when you increase blood circulation!

I have been using this now for over a month and I can't believe the results. I do only have a small amount of cellulite but it's going! My skin feels a lot smoother and firmer so I am really pleased! I have tried many products before to help remove my cellulite but nothing has worked apart from this! Of course you need to be eating healthy & exercising to see full results but from what I have seen so far I am hooked! I have put this into my beauty routine everyday and I won't stop. 

Have you ever tried this before?
What helps you with cellulite?
Let me know down below!

This product was sent to me to review. All opinions are my own

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