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Walking around the most prettiest town will be one day I will never forget. As many of you know I have strange hobbies, I like abandoned buildings mainly hospitals, asylums and homes. I also have a huge love for the Victorian era. I have been fascinated by it since a little girl learning about them in school and the obsession has continued. On Wednesday I thought time for an outfit of the day, it's been ages and the weather is really getting better. I found a cute village only an hour away and off we went. It will full of tea rooms, cute handmade shops and a stunning antique shop. The word Antique to me is excitement and "we are going in, end of" so off we went. It was in a converted barn, dark and full head to toe of loads of amazing things. After wondering around for a while and with a handful of Victorian cards I went over to the jewelry, so many pretty rings and little watches were lined up. Between them Victorian coins with Queen Victoria on them, I was in my element! At the last stand I found something I have been hunting for. It was sat in a little brown box all on it's own right at the back. A Victorian Mourning Brooch! I knew them it was going to be mine and I paid straight away. It's stunning, pretty and thoughtful. It has a locket of hair in side in a plait and the thing it's self is tiny, maybe for a child to wear. After years of hunting and searching every shop possible I am so pleased to own my very own piece. I know a few people who also have these and I have always longed for my own. 

I'm so loving the whole ripped jeans look! It's really comfy and creates a more edgy look. The denim jacket is the same one in my last outfit of the day. I loved it being dark blue but I have always wanted a washed out jacket so I bleached it in the bath and it turned out like this! I'm thinking about getting another, bleaching it and tie dying it all shades of purple! 

What have you been up to?
What clothes are you loving at the moment?
Let me know down below!

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