Things I Use Coconut Oil For

On the market there are thousands of products for so many different things today and it can be so overwhelming. Picking out a product can be a nightmare because each claim to do different things and sometimes with a high price! I have huge draws full of products that I thought would help combat my dry nails, my split ends and spots and only a handful have worked. If I am honest some have made my problems a lot worse. Being a blogger your in the middle of everything that is happening with beauty and when Coconut Oil became the thing of course I tried it! Out of all the things I buy, use and leave sat on the shelf Coconut Oil has to be one of the most multipurpose product's I have ever owned. A product that is 100% natural and with amazing benefits! 

1. Makeup Remover:
After a long day wearing makeup I always take it off as soon as I get home because if I get tired I will be lazy. I just apply a tea spoon amount directly to my face and work it in using my fingers. I apply the left over residue to my eyes and leave for a few minutes. I will then wipe it all off using two cotton pads and my makeup will just glide off. I haven't had any irritation using this and it doesn't feel harsh on the skin.

2. Nail Cream:
I have always been prone to dry cuticles which crack, bleed and cause me pain. After the winter they are always so much worse. When I'm sitting around on the blog or watching tv I will take a small amount and rub it into each nail and work upwards so everything is covered. I will just leave it on until it drys and make sure I repeat this three times a day and once before bed. My nails are left shinny, healthy and the skin isn't cracked anymore.

3. Shaving Cream:
I love shaving, nothing beats that feeling of lying in bed with fresh shaved legs! What I don't like is a shave that isn't close enough or a shave that leaves you feeling dry! I will use about two table spoons for each leg when I am in the shower and I will rub the coconut into my skin then shave. I'm left with perfectly shaved legs, no dryness or flaking and they are super smooth!

4. Hair Mask:
I bleach my hair a lot and it needs some TLC from time to time and always just after I have attacked it with hair dye! I apply this on damp hair all over my ends and really work it in. I will leave it for around 30 minutes and then wash it out followed by shampoo & conditioner. My ends will be full of moisture and the dryness will be gone and no more frizz! I advice not to put it on your roots as it will make them look super greasy and it's a pain trying to wash it out!

5. Lip Balm:
Cracked lips after the winter? I'm with you! This winter I really had a hard time to the point I couldn't open my mouth, not good! I put some of my coconut oil in an empty Vaseline tub and used it everyday / all day on my lips. After a week the dryness got so much better and my lips look way more healthier! It also tastes amazing, whats not to love?!

Well that is what I use coconut oil for! It's super cheap as well, I got my 250ml tub for £2! I also use it for cooking and I adore covering chicken in it before I go onto making a Thai Green Curry! I couldn't live without my coconut oil, I love it so much!

Do you use coconut oil?
What do you use it for?
Let me know down below!

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