My Trip To Prague + Video

Hello hello! How are you all? Well I'm back from my trip to Prague! I can honestly say it was the best time of my life (apart from my wedding).We set off from home at 4am to get to Gatwick. At the airport I was a wreck, it was my first time flying so there was a lot of anxiety! The flight was amazing, honestly! I found taking off terrifying but once I was above the clouds I was in my happy place! Strange because landing was the best feeling ever? I think I have those mixed up! Once on the ground we had a car come pick us up and I saw Prague for the first time! After about half an hour we arrived at Old Town Square where our lovely hotel was. We stayed at Hotel Rott which was in the heart of everything! It was a stunning room with super high ceilings and the biggest bed ever! Needs must and we set off for food and Charles Bridge!

This little beauty is called a Trdelink. It's rolled dough with nuts that is wrapped around a stick and grilled. To top it off it's filled with Nutella. Was this the best thing I have ever eaten? Yes yes yes! It was amazing! Honestly go to Prague for this, you wont be disappointed! After eating that I was still hungry, can you believe it? So we found some local sausages being cooked and sausages been a true favorite of mine it was settled. Me and Tim shared the thing, well we kind of had to as it was huge! In Prague portion sizes are big!
With our food babies we set of for Charles Bridge, only to walk the wrong way and straight into Sephora. Ops! I picked up some Benefit Pore Fessional and a few of their own face packs! Arriving at Charles Bridge was amazing. It's honestly breathtaking! The castle in the background with the river and bridge was something I will never forget. We took a walk up to the castle stopping every so often to look in shops and for a rest, it was pretty far! After our boat ride on our honeymoon we have made it a rule that we will always go on one. We went under Charles Bridge and along the river with a free beer in hand, it was perfect! We headed for an Italian for dinner, pasta was needed!
The next morning we got up really early to shoot an outfit of the day. It was so strange posing because no one really cared as much as they do back here in the UK. No one stopped and stared so it made me feel much better! We hit some shops for a hour or so before heading off to the John Lennon wall. The John Lennon wall in Prague is something you must see, it's just over Charles Bridge. It's full of inspirational quotes, funny messages and all around love. I think it's lovely that people all over the world come to write a message. The one I loved most was "If you can dream it you can do it" I think we all need to live by that! One thing I have always wanted to see is the Jewish Cemetery. It was moving and kept so lovely. Over 100,000 people are in there. People still leave messages for them on their graves to this day. 
In Prague beer is cheaper than water. That isn't a good situation to put me in! I don't know how much I drank, a lot! Budweiser Budvar is their beer and it's so good! For just over a pint is £1.50 - £2.00. We decided that doing a tour of Prague from a Segway was a good idea after the beer. It was so funny! Tim was a natural, me on the other hand was all over the place shaking! Once two guys helped me I was off. We went all around Prague, it was a stunning way to see the place! I did cut two people up really bad, they could see me but kept walking! That is honestly something I will never forget.

That night we went out for the hottest Thai ever. I washed it down with another beer, not the best idea of mine! Across the road was a massive Tesco so we had to go in! They have the best sweets there ever! I picked up loads of chocolates and crisps. Why don't we have them in the UK?! We went back to the bridge for cuddles and photography. We got back to the hotel at 2am and the air con kept us up half the night because for some odd reason it made more noise off? We couldn't work it out so we just awoke moaning ever half hour!
On the last day we both came down with a cold, typical! We checked out and went for a coffee. We went to the torture museum and madame tussauds. We mainly spent the morning walking around taking in the sights. We went to the hard rock cafe for lunch, mac and cheese was needed on my half and stake was needed for Tim! We then found a amazing sweet shop and had to get a few bits! It was called Pirates Cove and everything was huge! Move over little sweets, hello big!

We headed back to the airport and had a flight delay on our hands so spend our time looking in the shops and eating chocolates! I had such an amazing time on my first trip abroad and I have 100% got the travel bug! Amsterdam, I am coming for you! I also did a short little video to show you guys Prague! I had fun creating this so I hope you like it! Maybe more in the future?!

 Have you ever been to Prague?
Where have you got on your list to travel?
Let me know down below!


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