Things Bloggers Will Understand (The Crazy Side Of Blogging)

Blogging is amazing. I love every second of it! I have never felt like I had "my thing" until I started my blog. I do it because I find it fun and I love sharing things with you all. I have learnt so much along the two years, some amazing and some really funny habits, Today I thought I would share with you some funny things that we all do and think. I have spoke to a few bloggers and cried at the twitter chats because we are all the same! So if any of these ring a bell, you are not alone!

1. Trying to find the light in the restaurant:
You have just ordered the best thing in the world and you know it's going to make a killer photo for Instagram. Oh look there is no light in here. No matter how hard you try the photo is orange, blurry and everyone is staring at you as you have a breakdown. Oh and who you're out with is getting annoyed because they can't eat. That was a pointless meal eh?!

2. The Obsession with white:
White looks amazing, clean, crisp and it makes your home look fancy. I spend most of my time begging to paint the flat white, it's magnolia. Once you get your collection of white it's left with foundation marks all over it, the dust shows and it hasn't really done anything lifesaving for you. Blast you Instagram!

3. I have no blue tac:
Your in a good mood to take photos for the blog. But what is this? A round tub! You have no blue tac left and it's just rolling off your marble background. Now what? Tape? Glue? Leave it out? The "I bet SHE doesn't have this problem" starts dancing in your head. Yeah the good mood has gone now and the room is dark. 

4. The Face Of The Day:
You have had the best makeup day ever and you didn't get a photo, no worries just do it again and do a face of the day, easy. Not. You do everything the same yet today you don't look great. Your eyeliner has got bigger and bigger, panda of the day anyone? Your foundation has gone cakey and you have lost the lipstick. The photo doesn't show it off great as well.

5. The Outfit Of The Day:
It's a perfect day, the sun is out and it's warm You go to the wardrobe only to find what you wanted to wear is in the wash. Panic sets in, this is England after all! You try and create a look only to be full of self doubt. You go for it and you stand there in poses thinking everyone is staring at you. Once you get home to the 100394 photos only 4 make the cut. Yay!

6. The quick look on Instagram:
Just a little stalk before lunch, wont hurt anyone, right? Well you hit that account that instantly makes you feel worthless, like your home is a dump & you do your makeup still like a 13 year old (from the 90s) Well that is it! You are off to buy white things, a copper pot because nothing and your going to clean eat. Bye life, hello new me.

7.  The Marble background:
Everyone is doing the marble background, it looks amazing! Well you have to get involved and decide to cover "the blogging desk" in it. After three hours of trying to stick it down and get rid of the bumps and then trying to stick it down again you are good to go! Only to find that it really reflects the light and you end up with one bright spot. You also did a really bad job at it and your desk now looks awful.

8. The Selfie In Public:
You are looking good, feeling good and you wanna show the world! Now to get the photo, in a busy place. Then you start thinking: Oh are people looking at me? Why did you just have to walk behind me? Why is the front camera not as good as the back? One rule we all live by is take a lot to choose from and try different poses. Like hell you can do that with loads of people staring at you! No Selfie today.

I know there is so may more strange things that we think and do so I thought I would get you guys to leave them below! At the end of the day we are all human and not perfect so why not! Blogging has some funny moments with us all!

Can you relate to any of these?
Let me know the crazy things you do and think with blogging below!


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