What I'm Packing For Prague - The Beauty Edit

Hello Hello! I hope you are all well? I am honestly so excited writing this post as I'm going to Prague next week, eeek! This is my first time abroad so I'm super excited and terrified! It's just the flight I'm worried about as I don't like heights but I will be putting my mindfulness into action, or trying to. I'm going for three days and two nights, just because I want to go to as many places as possible in Europe see what I want to then onto the next, aka Amsterdam. I thought today I would show you what I'm taking with me (the beauty edit). Now I am someone who over packs, on our wedding and honey moon I took three huge bags with about 30 outfits and four makeup bags and guess what? I forgot mascara, all those bags and I forgot the holy grail! This time I have one bag, it's pretty small because I'm not putting it in the hold. I can take 1000ml of liquid and lipstick counts as liquid...  Oh heck. I have already packed because it stops me being tempted to add more, well I did add a few more tops but it's okay, I think? On with what I'm taking!!

First of all is Shampoo and Conditioner, I adore Aussie so it had to be the Miracle Moist range as it always leaves me hair super soft but not flat. I don't think any going away bag is complete without some Batiste Dry Shampoo! If I'm going to be walking about all day in the streets, eating out I am going to need a pick me up in the evening if I am strapped for time! Also having short hair = greasy hair faster! I love this brand, one of the best! Since going blond, then back dark I really need to protect my hair and being on holiday doesn't mean being lazy! The Tresemme Heat Defense is amazing at keeping my hair protected from my straighteners and it also helps with styling! 

Because of the 1000ml limit I'm going to take makeup wipes and the Nivia Daily Essentials Wipes are some of the best. They a soft on the skin but giving it the full clean it's going to need after a day of makeup and walking about! These are my favorite wipes on the market so I'm super pleased they do them in travel size also. Being on the plan my skin is going to need extra hydration so my little tester of the Clinique Moisture Surge spray is a must have. It's perfect to just spray all over the face and leave every so often. This has never let me down, it always leaves my skin soft and hydrated. For extra protection and keeping my skin from going dry I will also be taking Garnier Moisture Bomb. This has to be the best moisturizer I have ever used. It drys instantly, my skin looks better after a few days, it's SPF 10 and helps with fine lines. I will just keep re applying this. 

I'm going to be walking around a lot on the tree days + flying so I'm going to want to smell nice! Sure Women Cotton Dry* is amazing for traveling, it's compact with a lot of punch! This always leaves me feeling super fresh all day with no wetness or bad smells so it's perfect for traveling. I also have a small tester of Poison by Dior for evenings out, testers are perfect for traveling! I adore this sent, it has to be the best one I have smelt in a long time so once I'm back I'm buying it! Something else to keep myself feeling fresh is body spray. I can't live without it! It makes you feel clean, cooler and is so handy and cheap! The new Impulse Charlie XOX spray called Why Not* is stunning! It's soft and fresh and such sophisticated sent, I will be topping up with this all day! I never go out without hand gel, touching so many things overs have touched, ew! I just got this one in savers for £1. It does the job so nothing fancy here! I will be using this 24/7, it's such a lifesaver!

Now onto my makeup! I am packing light with it, which has been really hard trying to work out what I can live without and what I can't! Foundation is a must, I can't not take that with me and my true love is the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation. This gives me full coverage without it going cakey or melting off! It doesn't feel heavy on the skin so it's perfect for long days out! I will also be taking my trusty Primark Beauty Blender, it's honestly the best one I have ever used and for £1.50! If I break out I am going to need my concealer and the Rimmel Match Perfection is the best for my skin. It covers spots instantly and it can also be used to highlight so I am saving room packing this gem! Since going back black with my hair I have once again fallen for my red lip, the Clinique Pop lipstick is just perfect on so many levels! It feels amazing on the lips and doesn't dry them out and it lasts all day, so no touching up needed! It's also very small so it saves room in my bag and on my liquid allowance!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter so I need powder! The Vichy Dermablend setting powder is by far the best one on the market! It keeps everything in place, stops you melting your makeup off (not a good look) and creates a matte finish, something I always go for! A little goes a long way and this pot has lasted me months! I have to contour, like duh! The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit is a real love of mine and I love the fact that it's got all the highlighters with it. It's perfect at creating a look with the range of shades and one of the powders is a match to my brows and works amazing at filling them in! For my eyes I have gone for the Younique Moodstruck Addiction Palette as I adore all the shades and it will take me from day to night. They all stay put and blend effortlessly. I really love the shimmer shades for the night!

The random beauty bits are my trusty 5 year old hair straighteners which I adore! Hair bands as I'm growing my hair out and it keeps going kinky, yeah not a great look! A load of makeup brushes and all my medication. 

I am honestly so excited! Keep checking back for all my photos, there is going to be a lot! I have five memory cards to fill! 

Are you going away soon?
What do you pack beauty wise?
Let me know down below!

This post contains bits I have been sent. As always all opinions are my own*

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