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I have always been very open and honest on my blog about my mental health. I suffer from a few issues and Anxiety an Depression are some of them. Since I can remember I have had problems and in turn missed out on a lot. I mean a lot. I didn't start sleeping over peoples houses till I was 14 and even then I didn't enjoy myself that much as I was so worried. I didn't do the whole clubbing thing or go on group holidays. I didn't go to hardly any birthday parties and stopped having my own. I let my worry and panic stop me doing things that I wanted to do and loved all because a voice in my head told me I couldn't. I'm awful at arranging things now because my head will work me up for weeks and then I wont do it! Missing out on a lot does get me down, why wouldn't it? I'm slowly learning now that the thought is a lot worse than what it is. This year I went on my first trip abroad to Prague. I was terrified. Flying, different country, langue, the list goes on! I was in a panic when we booked it two months in advance and I worked myself up everyday. No matter what I was doing I was getting anxiety. "What if I'm sick on the plane" "What if I have a panic attack" "What if I pass out" All What If. I kept asking for reassurance from everyone in a sly way, not to let them know how worried I was but I bet you could see it on my face!
When we arrived at the airport I was a mess and we had to get the bus to the terminal, well I can say that was the worst panic I have ever felt. I was shaking, everyone was looking at me, I was hot but freezing and the "What If" started. I worked myself up again into a state of panic. Once on the plane I got myself ready for being sick, passing out, everyone looking. We took off, I didn't like it that much but I was okay. I wasn't sick, I didn't pass out and no one was interested in me. I ate and I drank and I loved the view. All that panic, all that worry and thoughts were for nothing. I wasted days in the lead up for nothing because it didn't happen. Anxiety is the biggest A hole going. It makes the best the worst and the future worrying (ha). Living in the moment is something I live by now, after all the missing out I have had enough and I want it to change. Two years ago if I had been at the airport in that state I wouldn't have gone, I would have made Tim bring me home. Two years on no matter how bad it was I did it because I'm not letting anxiety win. I thought would share some tips for you guys, if like me you have anxiety or know someone who does who might be in need of some help in day to day life!
1. The thought is so much worse than doing it:
This goes for everything. No matter what your anxiety is making you think the thought is always so much worse. Your head can't tell the future so how do you know what is going to happen? Nine times out of 10 you will do the thing you are worried about and it will be amazing.

2. Control your breathing:
This one is so important as the way you breath controls everything. When we get anxiety we take shorter breaths which means less oxygen to the brain which makes you more panicked. Long deep breaths in the nose and out the mouth can really help bring you into the now and make you feel calm. Also focusing on the breathing can take you away from the anxiety.

3. Be prepared:
Get everything ready a few days in advance so you know in those days you have everything. Make sure you have comforts, mine are chewing gum, tissues and my phone. Knowing you have your bag and clothes ready is reassuring. It also means you don't have that panicked morning getting your stuff!

4. Think to the worst of the worst:
What is the worst that can happen? I sometimes think I'm going to have a heart attack but the truth is you won't. No one has ever had a heart attack from anxiety or a panic attack. No one has ever died either. Remind your self of this when you are getting worked up.

5. Know your illness:
Learn about anxiety like your at school. The more you know the more it can help. Read up of symptoms, thoughts and behaviors so the next time you have anxiety you know why this is happening. Such as you will know why your heart is beating so fast, why you feel dizzy.

6. Remember you are in control:
Remind yourself that you want to do what you are worried about, that it's something fun or not that bad. Let you anxiety know that you want to do it! Doing this helps you build more confidence and in turn it will be something you will just do when the worry sets in.

7: Remind yourself of all the other things you have done:
I do this all the time. Reminding yourself of things you have done that were bigger or harder is brilliant at helping with anxiety. Looking back and seeing how worried you were but you did it is one of the best cures. You have already done it once so why will this time be different? 

8 Face your fears:
The more you do something the easier it will get. You will gain more evidence that you don't need to worry! The more you avoid something the worse it gets so break the cycle using tips and techniques and face it. If you fail it doesn't matter but try, try again. It will help and change your opinion of the fear! 
I'm so pleased I pushed myself. I had such an amazing time and got to get these lovely photos! Everything is from H&M apart from the shoes, they are from ASDA! I couldn't believe it! I opted for a chilled look sightseeing, but it was perfect to team up with some heals for the evening! 

Remember you can do anything if you relax, breath and push yourself!

How do you deal with anxiety?
Let me know down below!

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