The Budget Oily Hair Treatment

Oily hair is the biggest pain ever. Not only does it show 100% but it makes you feel dirty. Not to mention the fact you can't do anything with your hair other than put it up! Dry Shampoo saves you for so long but it's not the best fix everyday! Having short hair means I get oily hair quicker, I pretty much have to wash it everyday! When I saw the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditioner  in the shop I knew I needed them!

This shampoo has three refined clay's which help combat oily hair but also dry ends, a problem which I have. It claims to sort out the oil and leave hair free for up to 72 hours and makes your locks feel hydrated and fresh. The fact it's full of clay would probabily make you think the texture of the shampoo and conditioner will be heavy, thick and hard to use. It's far from it, it's just like normal! It does smell amazing, such a fresh sent. 

After use and once my hair was dry I could see such a diffrence. First of all no product is left, if you have used a hair clay mask before you will know it sticks to the hair like glue! My roots were fresh, clean and no oil in sight. My ends felt softer, less dry and no more fly-away! The clean hair lasted all day, even being out in the sun getting hot. I don't like washing my hair everyday, one I can't be bothered and two it really does dry my ends out! I left my hair as it was over the next day and guess what? No oil! My hair felt like it had been washed that day! 

Overall I am really impressed with these products, I have tried so many other shampoos and conditioners for oily hair and none have worked, apart from these two! I am going to be picking up the pre shampoo treatment and the dry shampoo for when I go longer without washing my hair! I highly recommend these if like me you suffer with oily hair and dry ends!

Have you tried this before?
What do you use to combat oily hair?
Let me know down below!


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