Things I'm Excited For This Summer

Summer is well and truly here! I'm not dealing well with the heat! No matter what I wear I'm boiling hot and I just can't get comfy, don't even talk to me about getting sleep! But other than that I'm loving it! I always feel more positive in the summer, I get more stuff done and get up super early. I love getting my dresses out and wearing more colour! I'm so excited for things ahead! Today I thought I would share with you what  I love about summer and what I'm excited for!

The Beach, Honestly this is my favorite place on the earth. No matter what beach, sand or stones I am content. It makes me feel so calm and collected. I'm a water girl and I do get depressed if I haven't seen the sea in a while. I'm not the best swimmer but it's a must that I go in and have a bob! No matter how cold! My dream situation is being sat on the beach when the sun is setting with a berry cider in hand.

Pub Gardens, Nothing beats sitting in a pub garden in the middle of no where having a good drink. It's so relaxing with friends and family. I found a little gem hidden in a forest with a river beside it. It's honestly so perfect! I know I will be spending a lot of time there!

Day Trips, These are the best days. Me and Tim get in the car and go. We don't know where we just drive. We have found some lovely places! I really want to hit West Sussex more, I love it around that area since your so close to the sea but with the countryside. Driving in the sun has to be the best feeling ever with some good music, right?

BBQ, I love a good BBQ and I have become very good myself, lighting and cooking on it! We have had some of the best in the last few years at our friends house. He and his partner are so boohoo so we had it next to a tepee with fairy lights everywhere. Anything that has been on the BBQ tastes so much better! Halloumi is the bomb, trust me!

Ice Cream, Who doesn't like ice cream? I will hunt and find an ice cream van! I love it with every single sauce on it, tastes so good! It's refreshing, light and screams summer in your face!

Scones, I don't think you would believe me that on our honeymoon we had scones twice a day, everyday! They are my favorite summer treat of all time. Mix that with a ice tea and I'm content! Jam first then cream, sorry!

Summer Shades, I'm rocking some coral nails at the moment and loving it! I love all the pinks, orange and blue in at the moment! I never wear them in the winter so it makes a change! There is something about pretty shades that just get you in the summer mood, don't you think?

Country Walks, I love taking a lovely walk in the country when it's warm. I love seeing all the animals and having a picnic! As long as there is fresh lemonade and mini cakes I'm there! It makes you feel so good walking in the summer! It helps with my mental heath and keeps me feeling content!

Afternoon tea, This isn't the same as just scones so it counts! I love going to the farm to their tea rooms, they are always the best ones. Sitting outside and having a range of sandwiches, cakes and maybe a glass of fizz! I don't think you can beat this British classic and it's the perfect summer treat!

For now I'm off to read Harry Potter & The Cursed Child!
What are you excited for this summer?
Let me know down below!

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