Sephora Face and Lip Mask Review

When I was in Prague I hit Sephora for the first time. I was overwhelmed, excited and confused because I couldn't work out the prices. There are so many amazing bits in there from Dior, Benefit and Too Faced! I spent ages walking around testing everything! In the end I was very good and walked away with a few bits from Benefit and two Sephora masks! I thought today I would give them a little review for you guys!

First up is the Avocado Face Mask which costs £4.52. This mask is to help with sensitive areas and to provide nutrition and moisture. Something my skin needed after flying! In the pack you get a face mask, a full on sheet that goes over your face with space for your eyes, nose and mouth! It comes in another sheet which is full of product. The point of that is it will hold to your face like second skin therefor giving you better results. I have never used one of these before so there was a lot of putting it on and pulling it off but I got there in the end! It wasn't messy to put on at all, it's full of product but that is what you want. I left it on for the full 15 minutes like it said and had a bubble bath. I could feel it getting to work, it was cooling and soothing and very relaxing. I could feel my skin was getting less tight and there was no irritation. After you are finished you just pull it off and rub in any excess into your skin and leave it. My skin felt amazing, it was soft and moisturized. I don't think my skin has ever felt that hydrated, it was lovely and it lasted for days and in that time I topped it up by keeping on top of my skin care! I'm really impressed, it was such a lovely face mask! I even put it back into the sheet then into a sandwich bag and I have used it a few times again, anything to be savvy! 

Next is the Rose Lip Mask which costs only £2.26! This mask says it will moisturize lips and leave them smooth and soft! In contains rose extract which I think sounds lovely! This summer my lips have been so dry! It's really annoying because I thought that was just a winter thing? Anyway this is the same as the face mask above. A sheet in the shape of lips! This was really easy to put on and instantly got to work! It's so cooling! Instantly my lips felt soft, smooth and better! There is a lot of product again and that is what I want! You leave this on for 15 minutes and the best thing, it still lets you talk, eat and drink! After use my lips were so much softer and any dryness was gone! They way I could really tell was with my liquid lipsticks, they went on like a dream and looked amazing for the rest of the day!

Overall I am so pleased with these products, they are worth the money and work wonders! Perfect for popping in your basket when your having a haul!

Have you tried these before?
What masks do you love?
Let me know down below!

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