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It's Autumn, that is music to my ears! This part of the year is my year. I had my birthday in September, sitting on the beach with a beer and now we are coming up to October! Halloween is just around the corner and I'm starting to stock up on treats, decorations and horror films. I'm more than excited! I love the fact it's getting colder now, my coats are washed and ready hanging on the back of the door. I have boots, hat, scarf and lots of winter smelling candles! Today I thought I would share with you a little list of why I'm excited!

1. Candles: I love a good candle. If I'm honest they do such good things for your mood! I do burn a few in the summer but it really isn't the same! I love it once it's dark, early and you light a few. Last night I had 7 burning and the room smelt amazing! I'm loving Cedarwood and Myrrh from Primark. It's such a lovely scent and it really puts you in the mood!

2. Wardrobe: Boots are my life. I have always had a good pair of black ones since I was younger. They are comfy, go with everything and are perfect for stomping in the forest! I love oversized jumpers, the big fluffy scarfs. Wrapping up and layering is so fun! I can't wait to create comfy looks that will look great and keep me warm!

3. Comfort Food: This time of the year I really start cooking! I don't think there is anything better than slow cooking beef with onions, carrots and gravy for hours ready to eat in the evening with mash potato! Food becomes something that keeps you warm and makes you feel content when it's cold!

4. Halloween: I'm a child when it comes to Halloween. I dress up, I carve a pumpkin. I do apple bobbing! You name it, I do it! I'm so into the supernatural that having a whole day about it makes me so excited! I can't wait to watch horror movies and play Until Dawn on the PS4 (If you like a scare you need to get that game). I'm looking forwards to all the tasty treats and creepy decorations!

5. Blankets: I'm a huge blanket lover. I can't watch a movie unless I have one. I have quite a collection now and the fact it's getting colder makes them even more needed. Snuggling under one watching a Christmas movie in the afternoon, reading a good book or even a cheeky nap! 

6. Hot Treats: Pudding tastes better in a bowl end of. Hot apple pie and custard is such a winner. Warm chocolate brownies with a little cream. Ah, it's just perfect! I don't think you can beat having a warm sweet treat?! Having a warm pudding with a candle burning while under a blanket is what it's all about!

7. Fireworks Night: Fireworks have been a massive part of my life since I was little. We always had parties at my nans and pops! A massive bonfire, fish and chips and a night of looking at the sky! I always go to a display now. Hot chocolate, gloves and chips are all part of it! I love that night!

8. TV: All the best things will be out on DVD or on TV soon. Plus there is a magic thing called box sets! I can't wait to re-watch Homeland and bust out the Christmas movies! The Santa clause, The Grinch, Home Alone and Scrooged are must in my house!

9. Christmas: I love Christmas, I have been planning it for months! I have a massive tree with family decorations that have been passed down! I love advent, blogmas and getting people lovely gifts! On the day I cook the Christmas dinner for me and Tim. I love being in the kitchen creating a lovely meal having a bottle glass of wine! I go big, I make enough for 5 people! I can't wait to plan my TV for the month and the Eastenders Christmas special! 

10. New Year: My New years Eve is already planned. Me and Tim are off to a friends house again. Last year it was a blast so we had to plan it again! I love the idea of new year new me. I don't make crazy goals, small ones that I stick to. I said this would be the year I changed some of my thinking habits and I had CBT and I have! I also went to Prague, something I thought I could never do due to Anxiety! 

This is what I'm excited about!
What are you? Let me know down below!

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