Saving My Hair With OGX Coconut Milk

I do a lot to my hair. I always have and I always will! I started dying it when I was young, chopping it off short. I then started backcombing and bleaching. If I'm honest I have over the years really damaged it! I have given it a fair share of treatments and some have worked and some have made it worse! I have finally found a trio that does my hair some good and I thought today I would share them with you!

OGX is a brand that has a lot going on! They have so many different shampoos all for different things, but not to fix it, to make you love it more! They have something for everyone and for me it's the nourishing coconut milk shampoo, conditioner and serum! It claims to help add more strength, hydration and balance and the serum will stop breakage. I picked these up in Boots for under £5 each (on offer). These contain Coconut oil, Coconut milk and Egg White Proteins. I have never tried anything like this before so I was so excited to get home and wash my hair! 

Shampoo first and on use my hair felt so soft and clean, it was like I was washing the day away and all the product! I followed with the conditioner and oh my gosh, it felt amazing! I really worked it into my dry ends and it ate it all up! When I rinsed it out it honestly felt amazing, it didn't have that harsh dry feeling it just felt normal like it should! The serum has to be used on towel dried hair and you need the smallest amount, I mean small! I rubbed it into my ends and slowly worked up avoiding my roots, after all this work you don't want oily roots! I used my tangle teezer still expecting a matted mess but it was far from that! It was smooth, easy to brush and hardly any knots! Drying it was lovely, it smelt of pure coconut and bit by bit it looked better! My split ends looked less harsh and the fall out was less! I am honestly so impressed, my hair it getting back to how it was, HEALTHY! I use this every other day but I could go longer as it does keep your hair cleaner for longer! I can't wait to try out more from the brand! I think my mum has tried almost all of them!

Have you tried this brand before?
What do you use to save your hair?
Let me know down below!

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