L'oreal Elvive Colour Protect Low Shampoo Review

I love washing my hair! I love the feeling of washing away all the product and build up and being left with lovely soft, clean locks! I have tried so many different shampoos and conditioners it's crazy. I have some real loves and I also have some ones I would never touch again! The only thing that has never changed is the way I wash my hair. It's been the same since I was little, shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse. I might add new things in such as oils, hair masks and clay but the way I wash my hair has never changed until now. Meet L'oreal Elvive Colour Protect Low Shampoo! This shampoo is a gentle cleansing cream with no foaming action and no sulphates. Being someone that bleaches my hair a lot, adds random colours then goes back black my hair takes a lot of damage. My hair is very fragile and washing it can sometimes do more bad than good. This is the reason why I was drawn to this shampoo. It has a non-foaming formula which means less rubbing and less damaging the hair. It's quite strange because we are so used to the big lather of shampoo! It feels so light and it will instantly make your hair feel soft before you have started getting it to work. Once you have used it your hair will feel so clean and free of anything that was on it! Another great thing about this shampoo is you don't need conditioner! The idea behind this is when you have damaged hair the last thing you want to keep doing is washing it and rubbing it! With this product you can cleanse away all the dirt and oil then have the added bonus of the conditioning ingredients! The way you use this product is:
  • On wet hair apply 10-15 pumps from roots to tips (depending on hair length) I have very short hair so about 7 is enough for me
  • Massage gently from roots to ends. Try not to rub like a normal shampoo to much, take your time and be gentle!
  • Leave it on for three minutes.
  • Rince out the product while combing through with your fingers.
For those three minutes, the product is really getting to work moisturising the hair and making sure that all the bad stuff is gone! Once rinsed you can feel then that your hair is clean and soft but it will show once dried! Another great thing is when you have coloured hair if you wash too much you will make the colour fade faster but with this product you only rinse once so that will help keep your colour more vibrant for longer! 

This shampoo is so gentle yet effective and perfect for everyday use but in my case I can go three to four days without washing and it still feels as clean and soft. At the moment I have a wash in hair dye on and it's hardly come out since I started using this which is amazing! I'm completely sold on this product and I highly recommend it! If you have dry, damaged, coloured hair that needs some extra care or if you are going away and want something effective and quick you need to get this product!  

Have you tried this before?
What shampoo/conditioner are you loving at the moment?
Let me know down below!

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