Avalon Organics Intense Defense Collection Review*

Skincare obssive? Right here! I just love taking care of my skin. I gain so much out of taking my makeup off, moisturising and caring. I have a whole draw full of amazing products and I love adding to it! Today I'm here to share an amazing brand, Avalon Organics. I had never heard of them before but now they will stay a staple in my skincare! I got sent three beautiful products from the Intense Defense range. Avalon Organics use no gmo's, parabens, sulfates, colours, fragrances and they don't animal test!

First is the Intense Defense Cleansing Gel. Containing Vitamin C, White Tea and Lemon. It claims to lather away toxins and impurity's. It smells so fresh, the lemon and tea really come through. It's a really nice smell for in the morning! You use this on wet hands and you work it into a lather on your face and neck. It's cooling and you can feel it in your pores. Once rinsed off your face is left clean, soft and radiant. After using this everyday for a few weeks I can see such a difference. My breakouts are less, my skin looks so healthy and anything I use after sinks in perfectly. This is a real feel good cleanser and I love it!

Next is the Intense Defense Renewal Cream. Again containing Vitamin C, White Tea and Lemon. It claims to deeply moisturise and encourage skin renewal. I like to use this everyday in the morning ready for a face of makeup! The cream is super thick yet so easy to blend into the skin and drys super fast! After the first use my skin feels so soft and honestly any dryness I had is gone. It just adds so much moisture it pulls it away, it's so amazing!

Lastly is the Intense Defense Antioxidant Oil. This contains Apricot, Raspberry and Argan Oil. This helps retain moisture and replenishes the natural lipid barrier. I'm a true oil lover! I love how skin feels after just a few drops. I use this before bed. I use three drops and a rub it into my face and neck. This has such a silky feel to it but not greasy it dries very fast and smells so amazing! In the morning my skin is so soft and has a slight glow. I find the smell very calming before bed which is a plus!

Overall I'm loving this brand and I really want to try out a few other pieces! You can buy Avalon Organics from Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, Biovea and Amazon.

Have you tried this brand before?
What collection do you always turn to?
Let me know down below!

*these were sent to me to review. as always all opinions are my own.

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