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Today is the second instalment of my skincare and it's the evening! You can ready my morning post here. January has been a whole month of skincare on the blog and I have loved creating the content for you guys! I enjoy my evening skincare routine the most. I don't need to rush so I can take more time and really get my skin at it's best. I also like the idea of getting my skin ready for it's sleep! I'm really pleased with my evening routine, it's all about what finding works for you! It's taken me such a long time to finally be happy with how I look after my skin. It's so important!
So after a day or wearing makeup, or not I will always go in with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser. The most amazing thing about this product is it removes makeup, even stubborn mascara. I use this first with my hands and then I will buff it in with my magntone. My skin is free of makeup, it feels super clean and full of moisture. 

I then like to use my NIP+FAB Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads for extra clear skin. These are so handy and quick to use but they really do get to work fast! I just use two for either side of my face and work them over my skin. They contain two amazing acids that help add hydration and cleanse out your pores. The pads are so gentle and help add to my cleansed skin!

A face pack before bed is a real treat and I just love the L'oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask. I like to use this one in the bath as it can get a little messy! I just apply it over my face and I leave it for 10 minutes. This really gets into all your imperfections and helps calm irritated skin and angry spots. I have noticed that since I have used this product before bed in the morning my skin looks more clear and any spots I have or leaving!

Lastly I like you use the Avalon Organics Intense Defence Antioxidant Oil*. I always find an oil before bed is the best for my skin. I only use a few drops of this and rub it into my skin. It's quickly absorbed and smells amazing! It contains Apricot, Raspberry and Argan Oil which all help lock in moisture. I love adding hydration to my skin before bed as I do wake up dehydrated! Just before bed I'm left with extra soft skin ready to hit the pillow, perfect! 

That's my evening skincare routine!
What is yours?
Let me know down below! 

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