My New Year Goals 2017

First of all let me start this post by saying, Hello and Happy New Year! Here it is, the start of 2017 and I am excited! I love starting a new year. You can put the past behind and start planning amazing things, making yourself a better person and having a great mindset. Things on the blog have been a little quite for a while and I'm sorry! My laptop broke and then my phone. No blogging or posting to Instagram, sad times! I'm back with my swanky new laptop and phone and I'm so excited! Today being the first I thought I would do a post on my new year goals, of course!

Healthy Life Style
This is most likely everyone's goal but for me this is a big thing. I'm not as active as I used to be, I don't eat as good as I did and I feel crap! I did get into good habits a few years ago but once I got married, I got super comfy. I'm also taking about my mindset, that is far from healthy. I want to work more on being mindful and overcoming my anxiety. I want to eat amazing, healthy food and get my self moving more. I just want to be healthy in all aspects of me.

Blog, Photography, Write
These are my three biggest passions. This year I really want to push myself into all three and learn, do and be the best I can. I want to sit and create amazing content for you guys, I want to have day trips just for photography and I want to start writing again. Lucky enough all three work together so perfectly!

Stop The Negativity
I can be a very negative person. Not all the time but if I get myself into a rut I pick holes in everything! I want to be more positive in everything and not make a tiny problem into a massive one. I need to learn to take a breath, look at the situation again and make it a good thing, not worse!

Cook With Love
Cooking is my life, I just love it! Getting into the kitchen and creating something just fills me with joy. I learnt to cook from my Nan and Mum when I was younger and I have been taking it to a whole other level. I want to learn everything from Indian, Thai, Turkish, you name it I want to learn it, all from SCRATCH! Yesterday I cooked a Lamb Rogan Josh from scratch with the hubby and the satisfaction was amazing. 

Take Time Out Once In A While
I took some time off the internet a month ago and it was the best thing for me. You can read the post here. I want to have one day where I don't touch my phone or laptop a week. I want to use that time to pamper, watch a full box set, eat and just do what feels right. I do get into a rut of just being stuck to my phone but it's really not healthy so one day a week with no tech, perfect!

Explore The World
I'm excited for holidays and day trips this year! I can't wait to see things I haven't before. I want to travel more this year! I also really want to explore the UK! There are so many places I have still not seen and I must. Day trips are by far my favourite because I am such a home girl. I want to go to little villages, seaside towns, one off shops! Getting out into the world excites me!

Lastly, Sort Mental Heath Out
Now this can't all be fixed in a year but some can. I want to have as much CBT as possible and deal with my issues. Along with doing the above and what makes me happy I know I can overcome my issues! Within this goal I also don't want to put so much pressure on myself, I need to go with the flow and know I'm trying and that is all I can do!

There you have it, my goals! I will let you know if I stick to them but I'm sure I will as I have been so fed up with the way I am. I'm ready! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's to it being a good one! 

What are your goals for this year?
Did you have a nice Christmas?
Let me know down below!

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