Last Minute Valentines Day Helpers

Valentines day is here! To many it's a yawn and to others the highlight of these colder months. I quite like the day if I'm honest. I like all the cute sweet treats, the food and just spending time with the husband! I'm looking forward to getting dressed up, having a pamper and playing around with my makeup! I thought today I would help with getting ready for the day! Simple things that can help you feel amazing and give you some extra confidence for the big day, whether it's your first date, a night with the girls or your soul mate! 

First of all you need to get in the bath or shower! Have a shave and use a scrub that makes you feel amazing! I always opt for something with coconut oil as it leaves everything super soft! Next up is a face mask and I think the new Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask* is a great! With 96% natural ingredients it's gentle enough for use on the night. This mask is formulated with charcoal which is known to draw out toxins and remove dirt and makeup! Sometimes no matter how much we clean our skin we don't remove everything which can lead to cakey makeup, build up and breakouts but with this handy one use sheet you within ten minutes you know that on the night, everything will be alright! Next up is your hair! Give it a lovely wash in your all time favourite shampoo and conditioner! Something that can always help hair feel it's best and look it is a serum and the OGX Coconut Milk Serum is perfect! It makes hair so shinny and easier to style and leaves a beautiful sent! Just apply to damp ends and style to your hearts content!
With your hair done you should now sit down to do your makeup. Before you start anything you should give your skin a last minute wipe down. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes* are brilliant, just like the paper mask they contain all the amazing things to remove everything and deep clean the skin. The wipes are black, yes black! I'm obsessed! Just use one over the skin to remove any product that has got onto the skin after styling your hair and let it dry, no need to rinse! I find using something like this just before I do my makeup gives my skin that extra clean feeling and wakes it up again ready for moisturiser

Once you have used your most loved moisturiser and any other bits you use your now ready for your makeup! One product that I think is perfect for the night is the L'oreal Infallible Total Cover Palette. This palette is amazing with three concealer shades and two colour correcting shades. The green shade helps with redness and the purple helps with dark circles and brightens the skin! Add some green around your nose area and over any spots you may have and the purple under your eyes and a little where you highlight, trust me! Then blend in with a beauty blender. Apply the concealer where ever you may need then apply your foundation on top! Another product that is perfect for Valentines Day is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. Red is the shade you want to be wearing and this don't disappoint! Super easy to apply, has a brilliant lasting power and looks great! 
Lastly and probably most important, smelling great! There is one thing that you need to feel super confident and that's the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant*. This has been my go to brand for years and this one beats every other on the market! If you want no wetness, smell and something to keep the skin soft then this is your guy. I can wear this all day and not have any problems at all. I have worked out in it and been fine and one of the best things is the protection lasts till the next day even if you have a shower! For that extra wow factor use the new Impulse Instant Crush Body Spray*! This sent is so beautiful with hints of blackberry, melon, vanilla, pear and musk. It's such a clean fresh sent and gives you a happy feeling vibe. In a 75ml bottle perfect for in your bag or in the bathroom for quick top ups during your night! 

I hope this post has given you some ideas for Valentines Day!
What are you wearing and doing on the day?
Let me know down below!

this post contains pr samples but as always all opinions are mine 

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