My New Loves From L'Oreal

L'Oreal has been a brand that I have loved for years. If I wasn't stealing my mums lipsticks I was stealing her shampoos! I have always turned to this brand and over the last few years and I have tried a lot of their products. I adored their infallible foundation, clay face mask and their low shampoo is my Sunday go to! I thought today I would share with you my three new loves from L'Oreal. I have brought a L'Oreal product every-time I have gone to the shops recently and they have all been so worth it!

First up is the Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, £14.99. I was drawn to this foundation because of the different idea behind it, unlike other foundations this one is a sponge soaked in foundation. I have never seen anything like this before so I had to give it a try! In this pot you get your foundation and a little "tap-tap" applicator. You press the applicator into the foundation then wipe it across your face, just like if you were using a foundation brush. Then the tap-tap comes in, using the applicator you tap your skin, a little for a luminous coverage or a lot for medium. At first I thought how is that going to work but on my first use with smeared foundation all over my face I started tapping and the coverage built! This foundation gives you beautiful, even coverage that you can built on if needed. It lasts a good ten hours but you can take this with you for quick touch ups due to the handy design and mirror.

Next is the Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette, £9.99. I have never tried colour correcting before and I wanted to give it a go as those annoying red patches like to show up a little to often, so it was needed! In this palette you get three concealers and two colour correcting shades. The concealers go from light to dark and you can mix them up to create different shades. The colour correcting shades are lilac and green. Lilac is used for dark circles and brightening and the green is for redness. I like to use this before foundation, for better coverage. I start off with my lilac, I use this under my eyes and I like to then go outwards, towards the side of my head for more highlight. I then use the green around my nose, chin and any red patches I might have. I use a beauty blender to blend them in then I use the concealer over the top then foundation. You can instantly see the difference when using this product! Dark circles are gone, redness isn't there and the lilac gives you such a glow! The concealers are great, they cover up anything you don't want instantly and they blend out perfectly. I'm hooked on colour correcting now!

Lastly is the new range Colorista, £6.00. Now it's no lie I love dying my hair and this new range is something I have been waiting for! I went for the purple shade, as I haven't been purple for years. The range consists of, one day spray1-2 week wash out and permanent. I love the fact you have so many choices as sometimes you want something that lasts then other times you want something that is gone within a few weeks! In the box you get the dye, gloves and instructions, you don't get any conditioner as this has a conditioning hair mask base. On use it was so simple to use, just squeeze the tube and apply, no mixing here! You can leave it on for 20 minutes for bright, vibrant colour or less for more of a pastel look. I went for bright and I'm not disappointed! The colour is so bright, even and shiny! My hair feels in amazing condition after using this, it really felt like a hair mask. I have had this on now for over a week and the colour is fading, this one is a 2 week wash out but it still looks great! They have so many amazing shades and I can't wait to give them all a try!
There are my three new loves from L'Oreal!
Have you tried these out?
What do you love from this brand?
Let me know down below!

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