Don't Let Instagram Stress You Out

We live in a world now that is run by social media. To be honest that is a really hard thing to admit, think about it. We live in a world that is run by social media. Our phones to be exact. We are obsessed with knowing what everyone is doing, we want everyone to know what we are doing. We look at what other people are doing and wonder why we don't do it or have that bag. We can't work out how other people have so much time on their hands and how they can always look so "perfect". We are constantly trying to show the world that we are something and that isn't good. The truth is social media is a right lie. No one shows the truth 100%. If you don't show the worst we should know others wont! The whole social media craze has left my bones and I'm fed up with it. Sod wasting my time taking photos of something to prove I'm worth something, or to fit in. I'm a down to earth kind of girl and I have grown up the past year and I'm seeing things right for the first time. 

Since the start of this year I made a pact with myself, that I would post what I want, when I want. It wouldn't be a post to fit in with the crowd or to show I'm worth something. I would be posting something that I wanted to. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I have been posting more of what is me. I adore crystals and tarot cards and since my time being a blogger I haven't posted one photo of it. At the start I would post what others were posting. I then started a theme because that was the right thing to do. Instagram stressed me out and I mean stressed me out. It was so silly looking back! I've taken all those photos off now. It's not me and I don't think it's a lot of us. I use my Instagram for my blog but I also want people to know me since I'm the blogger behind the blog! The truth is I adore makeup, so I post makeup. I love food, so I post food. I also have other hobbies so why not share them? 

If you have an Instagram Theme and love it, own it! That is amazing and you should go for it! On the other hand if you have a Instagram Theme that is stressing you the hell out get rid of it! There has been so many bloggers chatting about this issue and I think we all need to just own us and our little blogs. So what if you break that theme, it's just Instagram it's not your leg! Post what you want, when you want. It's just a platform and posting things for your theme or because everyone else is, is going to stress you out! Especially if it isn't you! I think taking a stand back and thinking is this really me and does this need to be stressful are two questions we should all ask ourselves. 

Be 100% you. It's easier.

Have you ever had a problem with a Instagram Theme?
Do you post what you want to or what you think you should?
Let me know down below! 


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