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Hello, Hello! I hope you are all well? Today I'm here with a little old wedding related post as it's almost two years since I got married. I can't believe it! Almost two years ago I set off on a boat (literally) and got married on the beach to my best friend and partner in crime. Best day of my life is an understatement! I spent everyday this year thinking about the day and the honeymoon. What we did, my dress, food (obviously)! I thought today I would share some tips for future brides and grooms who are getting married this year, or next!

1. It's your day: not your family.
I know this sounds harsh but honestly it's so true. It's your wedding day, the day you both by law get married so how is it anyone else's? Do what you want to do, get married where you want to and above all else, DON'T DO SOMETHING because someone else wants you to! If you both want something and someone isn't up for it, sod them! It's your day and you shouldn't look back with regrets because you will.

2. You will know when you have found the dress.
I had two wedding dresses. The first I rushed into and it didn't feel the one. I had a mini panic and went to try on new ones! I then found the one, it fitted me, it looked great and I felt like it was perfect! Don't panic while trying them on, it will just feel right. and you will know, I promise anyway I had to go to 8 shops to find the one!

3. Lists, Lists, Lists!
I had so many lists going of money to pay, what I needed to get, things I had to do. If I didn't have those I would have been so lost! Create as many as you can, it's effort but being organised is key here! I had hair appointments just before we left and if it wasn't on the list I would have forgotten as my mind was all over the place!

4. Wear your wedding shoes everyday.
Once you have found them, wear them around the house everyday! I wish I had worn mine more, my feet were killing me after a few hours! I was bare foot the rest of the day! Not a good look walking up a hill in a dress on stones, I tell you! Get your feet used to them and get the blisters out the way before the big day!

5. Get the best photographer you can afford.
Some people do over look this, it's not a problem but for me having the best photos I could have was really important. Ask around, do research and don't scrimp. These will be with you forever and they are your key memory! Also have a # for your wedding! I think that is a brilliant idea! You can see everyone's snaps from the day!

6. Go Handmade.
Create things for your guests and family to keep to remember the day or even invite them! We eloped so we made everyone a card to open at 1pm to get them involved! Pintrest has so many amazing ideas that will cost next to nothing if you buy in bulk! Have fun creating something that is so you and your partner!

7. Have fun!
This is the most important! Have the best time ever! Laugh, cry and dance to your hearts content! Remember the day for all the best bits and not getting stressed! Know your plan, stick to it then forget the plan and go for it. Everything always falls into place and it's going to be amazing, trust me!

I hope you guys liked this post and it's got you thinking about your upcoming wedding or maybe your thinking to the future or even renewing your vows?! All I can say is my wedding day was the best day of my life and I still, two years later can't stop thinking about it and can't help feel excited at the biggest adventure I have been on! 

Are you getting married soon or maybe renewing your vows?
What are you most excited/worried about?
What was your wedding like?
Let me know down below!

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