Happy Things #1

Hello! I hope you all are well? I thought I would start a new weekly segment on the blog. I was thinking Happy Things? I'm liking the idea so we shall see how it goes!

01: I have changed up my diet and I'm loving it. I've cut out everything that is processed and full of sugar. It's only been a week but I have felt much better for it. Iv'e been in the kitchen making raw bites with dates and coconut and they are delicious! 

02: Easter Sunday Lunch was amazing it needs a piece on here (yes it was a few weeks ago but). Me and Tim went to Zizzi as we adore Italian food. Since I have changed up my diet I didn't have anything I would normally have. I went for Spiedini Pescatore which is a fish skewer with courgettes, onion, baby potatoes and green beans. It was lovely and I washed it down with a strawberry, cucumber and rosemary drink.

03: The weather has been lovely, on and off and I had my first BBQ of the year! You really can't beat a good day in the garden with amazing people, drinks and food. The halloumi was perfect-o, it's by far the best thing to eat at a BBQ!

04: I'm in the middle of having a clear out. I have no idea how I own so much junk. I have been chucking and boxing things up and then a few days later there is more clogging up my draws?! I'm going on a mission this week, I'm taking everything out the rooms and hitting it hard. Once and for all!

05: I have been taking more time for me and it's been really lovely. Long baths watching Youtube, face packs every night and lots of boxsets. I have just finished 13 reasons why & bates motel. I can't even tell you how much I loved bates, season five, hurry the sweet F up! 13 reasons why was amazing, I read the book years ago and I liked seeing it. In honesty I would have liked a few things changed but it's powerful and I think everyone should watch it!

They are my happy things!
What has made you happy this week?

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