What I'm Loving On Netflix

There is nothing I love more than getting a nice snack, a tasty drink and sitting down to watch something. It's exciting and I love getting lost in something new. I have always been like this, since Harry Potter came out! I would be so excited to get a new video and get in and watch it! We are so lucky now, with the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Now TV. There is always something to watch and fall in love with. I thought today I would put some of my Netflix loves in a post, I love reading these types of posts so I thought why not do one for you?! 

01: Death Note (Original)
If you haven't seen Death Note then where have you been? It's dark, creepy, strange and mind blowing. The story follows Light, a boy who finds a notebook capable of killing people by just knowing their face and name. A true love for people who love manga and the darker side!

02: Making a Murderer 
This is by far the most gripping thing I have ever watched. If you like a good crime documentary then this is for you. It will have you staying up all night, screaming in anger and addiction. It follows Steven Avery, he was in prison for two years for a murder he didn't commit and as soon as he's out hes back again, for another murder! If you haven't seen it yet, you just have to. Err what you waiting for?

03: Bates Motel
I'm not going to lie, this is my favourite series yet! It's just brilliant. It's a prequel to psycho and it follows teen Norman Bates and his mother Norma Bates who have just got a motel. He is loosing it! It follows him on his journey of trying to break away from his mother, murder, revenge, the list is endless. It's a must watch for anyone who loves a dark tale and a few brilliant laughs along the way. 

04: The Fundamentals Of Caring
This is a brilliant film that will have you crying with laughter and feeling the love. It's about a boy called Trevor with DMD and a man called Ben who is his new carer. Trevor only eats waffles and sausage, goes to the park once a week and is down right a little bugger. They both go on the road trip of a life time. The jokes and humour is brilliant and in a way I found it really inspiring. For the laughs and the brilliant story line!

06: 13 Reasons Why
The internet is blowing up because of this. I read the book years ago and I had to watch it. It follows Clay, he has just got a box of 13 tapes. Each side is a reason why Hannah killed herself. The acting is amazing and the story is hard to watch sometimes but it's so powerful. It covers everything you can think of and it really shows how a build up of things can affect someone. It has flashbacks to the events which at times can be graphic but you really feel it along with Hannah and Clay. 

07: Stranger Things
If you like the Goonies or Super 8 then this is so for you. It's set in the 80's and follows a group of boys and a girl called eleven. It's super science fiction and so gripping! A boy called Will goes missing and then a strange girl called eleven turns up. The adventure begins! The whole 80's vibe is so good and everything down to the bike riding, awful glasses, fashion and hair just add to this classic! The soundtrack is also stunning and I kind of want the album now?! Season two is out on Halloween, which makes me very excited so time to watch now if you haven't!

That's what I'm loving at the moment!
What are you loving watching?
Please let me know down below!


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