Yes To Tomatoes 2 Step Nose Kit Review

Clogged nose making you sad? Yeah I know the feeling. No matter what you do most of the time you just make your nose smooth but the pores are still clogged! While having my weekly walk around Boots I picked up the Yes To Tomatoes 2 Step Nose Kit. I'm normally put off by these nose strips as I have used so many and none have done anything in the past but I have tried a few bits from this brand before and loved everything!

This kit is a two step process to remove those annoying blackheads! First up you use a charcoal cleanser on your nose to open up all your pores, it contains little bits in which are biodegradable and microbead free. You get a large cotton bud with the kit as well to apply it which is so handy! It was really cooling and tingled and I had no irritation. This step helps make the area super clean and ready. Once your pores are all open you apply the nose strip and leave it on for ten minutes. Whilst it's on it gets a little messy, as your nose is wet it makes product from the strip run down your face and boy, it's sticky! (This isn't what it sounds like lol) Your then onto the best bit, pulling it off! It was stuck right on but it didn't hurt to pull off, always a good thing! In all honestly I couldn't believe what I saw, loads and loads of little bits stuck on! When I looked in the mirror my nose looked amazing! Of course it's not 100% perfect but from one use it's 100 times better. 

The pack is a one use only and it's priced at £4.99 which I do think is a lot but for how good it is it's perfect for a wedding, party or that pick me up! 

Have you used this before?
What do you use to get rid of black heads?
Let me know down below!

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