Hair Care - My Tips To Lasting Colour & Great Conditioned Hair

I have been dying my hair for years now. The first colour I ever went was purple and I was about 13. I stole the bottle of dye from my mum and as my hair was light brown it was bright purple! Most of the time I would dye my hair black but I did go blond (orange) when I was 15 and my hair fell out and went like hay. For the past two years I have been braving the bright shades, pink, blue, green! I thought today I would share some tips on bleaching, caring and dying your hair!

Before you dye or bleach your hair you need to make sure it's in good condition. My rule is if your going to dye your hair a few days or even a week before use a conditioning treatment. In my opinion use it everyday as it will help your hair be in the best condition before you put the dye on. One I will always recommend is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Treatment. It's brilliant at locking in moisture and strengthening the hair and wont leave it greasy all day.

Bleaching your hair can feel daunting. If it's your first time I would recommend going to a hairdressers. On the other hand the first time I ever did my own hair I was fine. The product I always use and have no problems with is Bleach London Total Bleach. This product is capable of lightening hair up to seven shades. I went from black to orange in one sit in and my hair wasn't damaged at all. You should always only bleach once and give yourself a few weeks break between as you will damage your hair. Leave it on for the time it says and make sure you condition! 

When you bleach your hair it will never be blond or white. This is where toner comes in. Toner is amazing at getting rid of the orange/brassy tones. It's so easy and it doesn't contain anything nasty. The first thing I always use, straight after bleaching is the Bleach London White Toner Kit. Straight away my hair is white. If your going for the bright colours you are set to go but if you want to stay white you are going to need to keep up with the toning and you can do this with shampoos. Some of the best are: PRO:VOKE Touch Of SilverL'Oreal Professional Sliver Shampoo and Bleach London Silver Shampoo. All these shampoos are safe to use and don't contain anything damaging. 
Normal Dye:
Normal hairdye isn't as harsh as bleach but can lead to dryer hair. After dying make sure you use the conditioner that comes with it for the time it states. Another great tip for keeping the dye fresh and your hair soft is to use a shampoo/conditioner for your hair colour. Some of the best brands are John FriedaL'Oreal and Bumble and Bumble.

Touch Ups:
Touching up your roots is so much easier than it used to be. The truth is unless you want the undone look (blond hair dark roots) you should touch them up every six to eight weeks as leaving it to long can lead to weaker hair and even damage. Try your best not to touch the other hair as you will have two-toned hair. Use the bleach/dye that you have been using. For normal dye it's not as harsh on the hair but do it sooner rather than later.

The Trim:
If you have caused damage to your hair fear not as you can get it back. The first thing is to trim it. You can go see your hairdresser or even do it at home. I do mine at home myself! It will get rid of the damaged ends and help stop it breaking. You might need quite a lot off but in the long run it's so worth it!

Care For Your Hair:
After bleaching/dying you want to give your hair extra care. From my experience using products for bleached/coloured hair are the best case as they contain everything needed. I would also recommend once a week using something that is for damaged hair. The Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment has saved my hair a few times and even when it's not been in bad condition it's given my hair new life! Another thing that will help care for your hair is using less heat. Turn your straighteners down and hairdryer and make sure to cover your hair in heat protection. The truth is you can use all the best shampoos and masks but still cause problems from not using heat protection! One of my all time favourites is the VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray
I always thought that vitamins for hair were a bit of a fad. I decided to get Skin, Hair and Nails as everything was a little worse for wear! The truth is they really do work! Of course it takes time, a lot of time but in turn my skin cleared, nails started to grow and my hair also! I use the Boots Skin Hair and Nails as they are full of everything you need day-to-day but with the extra bits. They are cheap, easy to swallow and it took about two months to kick in. 

Lasting Colour:
The shops are now full of semi-permanent dyes in a range of shades. The only problem is, they wash out. The best thing for you to do is, dye your hair the shade you want and every week add some of the dye to your conditioner and leave on for a few minutes. This works so well for pastel shades where as more vibrant shades need less care, maybe every 4 weeks. I always have a spare bottle of my dye for touch ups! Some of the best brands I have used are: L'Oreal ColoristaBleach London and Colour FreedomAlso one other point, if you wish to change shades, don't bleach again (been there) as it will cause more damage as it wont go lighter, it goes funny. Just wait till it fades slightly and then do it! It might not be 100% the bottle shade but sometimes it's better! Blue on pink gives a stunning purple shade!

I hope you find these tips helpful!
What do you use to dye and look after your hair?
Let me know down below!


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