Live Ultra Bright Sunburst Review

ultra bright review
I love dying my hair no, I really love dying my hair. I have been for years and I always get really excited about trying the new in shades! Of course hair dye isn't great for your hair but I take care of it before the dye comes out. Read all about it here. The new Live Ultra Bright Sunburst dye by Schwarzkopf caught my eye and I had to give it a try! It cost me £5.49 in Superdrug. This dye is unlike anything on the market at the moment. You get three dyes, Pink, Purple and Red in three little tubes. The idea is to create your own look. You could do layers or random strands of colour!

I decided to to layers, just like on the box. Honestly it wasn't easy! The dye was really thick and took ages to blend in and that was just doing the top and fringe. Trying to then blend the pink in without pulling the purple down let alone the red was a pain. You only get one pair of gloves so I had to wash them a few times. Once I had managed to cover all my hair I left it for 30 minutes and rinsed out. I used the conditioner that came with it and dried. My hair felt in amazing condition and to my surprise my hair looked great. From the top was purple into pink then red! I didn't wash my hair for four days, as I don't after doing a colour and guess what..

Everything washed out and my hair was left just purple! Then the purple started to fade after the next wash! I am really disappointed with this product as the dye didn't last and as it was so thick, it wasn't easy to put on. Their single dyes last ages and aren't as thick so I don't see why this product has to be? I think I would have been better off buying this brands colours separately! I didn't manage to get a photo of my hair before and once it started fading I dyed it green! It's a shame really as I was so excited but you can't win them all! I will be trying doing this again but not from a kit!

Have you had multicoloured hair before?
Would you?
Let me know down below! 

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