New Hair Care Loves - Garnier Ultimate Blends and Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack Review

Hair care has become a massive part of my life. I have been dying my hair for years and honestly, always had great conditioned hair. It was only two years ago when my hair went a little damaged, thanks to bleach. Now I'm not saying all bleach is awful! In fact my hair was fine for months it was more I was bleaching way to much! It got to the point it was like bubble gum and was falling out, not good! I wrote a massive post a month ago of all my hair care tips and I now have two new amazing products to add to it!

First up is the Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Pack. This cost me £2.09, not bad! This hair pack is full of everything that dry, damaged and colour treated hair needs. Protein is vital for hair and when it's in a bad state, it's one thing that can really bring it back. It's packed full of amazing ingredients (and no nasty ones) that have been sourced in the best way possible. This one pack covered my whole head with some left over which I put on again as it was drying, extra power! You use this after you shampoo your hair, you just put it on and leave it for about 20 minutes but you can also leave this on as a overnight mask! I went for the 20 minutes while I was in the bath! If I love one strange thing it's rinsing out a hair mask as it just feels so good! Once I had dried it it really did feel better than ever and looked it! It was shinny, the dryness was hardly there and it didn't feel like it wanted to break on me! I'm really pleased and I'm getting another pack for next week.

Next is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo & Conditioner This cost me £5.00 for the both in Boots (on offer). These are full of amazing goodies such as Royal Jelly, Honey and Propolis. This shampoo and Conditioner is aimed at hair that is fragile and prone to breakage. First of all it really does smell amazing, it has got a sweet sent but nothing over powering! On use it feels lovely and foams up well. The shampoo left my hair feeling really clean as it was a little greasy from the heat. The conditioner is amazing, on use you can feel it working as where the hair feels slightly dry it doesn't after you have rubbed it in a few times. Once my hair was dry it looked much better and felt amazing. I found my hair to be a little more frizzy but I don't mind that as I straighten my hair. It also felt like it had more body which is great as most products for dry hair make my hair as flat as a pancake! I use this every time I wash my hair and it's really helping it and it also does leave my hair clean and fresh!

These are my new loves!
What are you loving on your hair?
Let me know, down below!

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