My Two Holy Grail Products For A Perfect Base

Cakey foundation I think is possibly one of the worst problems within makeup. Don't get me wrong, winged eyeliner fails is up there but you can cover your mess with foundation. But what can you cover cakey foundation with? Concealer? Well I tried and it was the icing on the cake (I'm here all week). I have spent months and months with this problem. It's normally around my nose so I looked after my nose. I did nose strips and I used all different cleansers. I moisturised it A LOT but nothing worked. It got me down as you see these flawless images online and you look at your lil cake nose and think, babe what is you problem?! Of course when you go out in real life you do see a lot of people with this problem and I spoke to a few people online who also have it. Then something amazing happened, something I thought wouldn't. I used just two products in a rush one morning and then did my foundation and guess what, NO CAKE! 

I have been for the past week doing the same thing every day. Using two products before I do my makeup and my foundation is looking better each time. They are Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish and Pixi Glow Tonic. Each morning or before I go out I will use Cleanse and Polish. I really make something of it by spending ages really working it into the skin till it's almost soaked in completely. I then use my hot cloth with pretty hot water, not to hot but enough. Once I have taken it all off I will go in with my moisturiser. I change it up between three every-so often to suit my skin at the time. I just want to point out that the moisturiser doesn't make any difference as I have done this without it! I then use my Pixi Glow and I pay attention to my nose area. 

Once it's dry I go in with my foundation, I use the L'Oreal True Match in the lightest shade. My favourite way to apply this is with a beauty blender, I get mine from Primark as they now do packs of four and they all work slightly differently as they are different sizes and some are soft and some are hard. I don't use a lot of foundation, only what I need! Once I start applying it blends so much better and it sinks into the skin and isn't just sitting on the top. I'm left with a super smooth base with no cake or flaky bits. Of course it's not perfect like online but it's perfect for me to go out and feel confident! I have also found that it lasts longer than normal and it doesn't feel heavy. 

Just two products have completely changed my makeup and I feel so much better in myself! I tend to do most of my skincare at night now as two many products with makeup is a recipe for a nightmare in my eyes! I have tried many primers but they just don't work on my skin and I find my foundation can look even worse (why me?). Overall I'm so pleased I found these two products work wonders for me and my foundation problem and I hope they might for you!

What do you use to stop cakey foundation?
I would LOVE to know!

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