Getting Whiter Teeth At Home With Janina*

Teeth whitening at home over the years has become a huge thing. Most tooth pastes now offer a added bonus of whitening. When I was younger I think there was only one brand that did it or you would have to go to the dentist to get them bleached. I never really paid that much attention to it. I was pretty happy with my teeth but as soon as I got a abscess and had to have two hours of root canal I decided after that I wanted them to look as good as possible! Today I'm sharing with you two products from Janina. They are a tooth paste and a whitening powder. 

First up is the tooth paste, priced at £11.50. This tooth paste is for whitening your teeth but it can be used everyday as it contains fluoride which helps prevent decay. This tooth paste is made up of pineapple and papaya, which help whiten the teeth without anything harsh. It also contains charcoal, to help remove stains and leave your breath extra fresh. When I fist used this product I was a little shocked but then again I should have known. The tooth paste is black! Of course I didn't let it put me off. The smell and taste is strong mint which I like as it gives you that little extra confidence in the day. You can use this with a normal or electric brush which is handy also! When using it feels really nice, a little gritty perhaps but not abrasive or to harsh. I didn't experience anything odd such as my teeth hurting or irritation. It did honestly feel like a normal toothpaste but with the added grit.

After brushing my teeth I then go into using the Charcoal & Clay Whitening Powder. This has Charcoal for freshness and White Clay provides and deep clean and polish. All I do is take a small pinch from the pot and place it in the palm of my hand, dip my brush in and i'm good to go. You pretty much brush your teeth again but with this. It tastes lovely, a real soft mint. When your using this your teeth go black which is good as you can see what you have missed! You then brush it off with water and rinse. It can get a little messy at times but what doesn't get messy eh?!

I have been using both of these products now for two weeks. Can I notice a difference? Yes I can! My teeth are not 10 shades whiter but they are so much better. In the middle of using this I also had a scale at the dentist and the both combined have really made me more confident with my smile. I had so much left of the both products and I think I will get over a year out of the charcoal and clay powder. I think this is more of a slow thing but for the price and the fact your not lying in the evil dentist chair I think it's 100% worth it! I'm going to 100% keep using these products and see what happens!

What do you use to whiten your teeth?
Let me know down below!

These products were sent to me but as always all opinions are my own*


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