Happy Things #3

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Hello there gang! How are we all? Hope you are good? Today I'm back with a happy things post. It's been a while. Time does fly! Iv'e been a little slow on my blog for the past month as I'm busy writing up essays and doing revision. I'm bloody loving it but I have really missed this little blog. I'm literally so busy though as I have to run my flat, cook, clean, sort the pigs ect! I'm going to make it my mission to become more organised. Of course over bank holiday I got ill so I couldn't even lift a pen...  Anyway on with some happy things!

01. I just had my 24th Birthday! I had a lovely day, me and Tim went to Brighton. We hit the shops, had tacos and then went to JB'S. I got spoilt big time! I got myself some new beauty bits and some clothes. When we got home we watched a cure for wellness, not sure how I feel about that film, it was good but odd! Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages!

02. I saw Korn at the Brixton Academy on the 23rd. It was completely amazing and I honestly had the time of my life. I was jumping around for a good hour and a half and screamed along to every song. They played all the classics but Blind, Coming Undone and Freak On A Leash were the ones I was waiting for. Best night out in a long time. Apart from how hot it was in there, very er.. wet!

03. I have been married two years this year! I honestly can't believe it's been that long! I have thought about our wedding day & honeymoon everyday since and no lie, it still gives me those butterflies! We are going to start our scrap book of the day and week after and I couldn't be more excited!

04. Autumn is coming, yes I'm one of those! This summer has been lovely but my god it's gone on way to long! I can't wait for knitted jumpers, warm pudding and candles! Don't even get me started on Halloween and Christmas, I'm just so excited!

05. I'm getting more obsessed with vegetarian food. I'm making more meals meat free, still using cheese or cream but no meat! Don't get me wrong I will always be a meat eater but I'm loving how cheap and tasty the meals are! If you have never had a lentil curry you are missing out!

06. I'm on a hair dying/bleaching break. It had to happen after all the years of attacking my hair. It's been about six weeks and my hair is honestly feeling so much better. I'm using Olaplex once a week and that is a life changer (review soon). Don't get me wrong, I want rose gold hair but at the moment, or the next six months it's being left dark brown! I just hope it grows for once!

07. I'm slowly getting my essays done! Three down, three to go and one is almost done! At the moment I'm writing about the Psychodynamic theory which I find completely fascinating! I'm so excited to get it all done as it's going to be such a true achievement!

That's my happy things!
What is making you happy at the moment?
Let me know down below!

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