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I'm a true home shopper! I can't think of anything better than hitting the shops and buying bits for my flat. I love making it mine and adding touches to create comfort, ease or a talking point. At the moment I'm loving many styles and looks for the home and I feel very inspired at the moment to add more blue. I'm guessing my recent trip to Brighton has influenced this slightly, okay it most definitely did! I think blue is a perfect shade also for Autumn, it's just got that cool feeling to me and makes me feel calm. I really enjoy picking out home bits. I always visualise it in my flat before I buy to make sure it's right. Ever since I was little I was excited to do this and The Sims was the biggest inspiration, oh my I spent my life making my dream home on that game! At the moment I'm loving grabbing a bargain and Love The Sales has been my go to because it brings everything from all shops, that are in the sale to one website. They even do beauty and makeup and I spotted some Benefit! Anyway, on with my wish list!

01. This planter is something that I adore! I would love to fill it with loads of small cacti and have it in the kitchen. It's such a nice detail to have in the home and you can never have to many plants, right?!

02. I love chopping boards & serving boards! This one being a fish is so cute! I eat a lot of sea food so this would be perfect to serve up a storm! Of course it would also look amazing hanging over my oven!

03. I don't think there is anything better than getting some new plates, hear me out! It makes cooking more inspiring again and in my opinion it makes food look better. I adore this blue and yellow print and it fits my flat, strangely! It's got a very boho look which I love! 

04. Vases are a must have in any home. For flowers, dried seasonal things or empty on the floor. This is a set of three which is brilliant as they all match together! They would look amazing on my table in a cluster with a miss-match of flowers in all!

05. This bowl is just perfect for on my dressing table being full of anything from rings to cotton buds! I tend to use bowls as they are much deeper and you can fit more in them! Of course a set of these for dinner would be lovely as well!

06. I love, love, love candles! Now it's autumn I'm onto that sent but in the bathroom I always have a more summer smell as cinnamon just doesn't feel right in there! This Emma candle is not only beautiful but a floral sent which is perfect for my ne

07. Another bowl but this one is for eating! The colour and design of this bowl is everything I could want. It's advertised as a rice bowl and I would honestly use it as that as I eat a hell load of rice! I love the fact it isn't perfect and it's so different from what I own!

08. Floor Cushions are something I have always loved and been excited about. I have one already but this one is just stunning! The print is beautiful and the colour matches my sofa, perfect! They are amazing for when people come over for extra setting but also lovely for a place to go chill with a book and a glass of wine!  

09. Lastly it's a Christmas Mug, obviously! You can never have two many mugs for Christmas drinks! This one is just so cute with the printed snow globes with the animals! I have a thing for Christmas bits that look less modern and more old-school!

Of course I'm also wishing for lots of amazing Halloween and Christmas decorations, I have my eye on quite a few bits and bobs! I'm excited to change my flat up a bit coming up to the new year!

What are you wishing for at the moment?
Where do you like to buy home bits?
Let me know down below!

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